Nunavut Lottery Sports Betting

Though it's the largest territory/province by land area, Nunavut is home to Canada’s smallest population at just slightly over 30,000 residents. Barren and beautiful at the same time, Nunavut is an amazing mass of small islands and one large chunk of land on the Northwest Territories border. Nunavut was officially established as Canada’s third Territory in 1999. As one would expect, Nunavut sports betting options are sparse.

Nunavut Sports Betting

Almost entirely within the Arctic Circle, Manitoba is Nunavut’s closest neighbour to the south and it hugs Greenland to the east. As our review below illustrates, there is not much of anything when it comes to gambling in the northern territory of Nunavut. The following top online Nunavut sports betting sites are an alternative to the government favouring WCLC Pro Select lottery schemes.

Within the Western Canada Lottery Corporation jurisdiction, all gambling activities in Nunavut are organized and offered through the Northwest Territories Sport and Recreation Council. From Arctic Bay in the north, to Whale Cove in the south, lottery retailers are the only source of “local” sports wagering action in Nunavut. Given the harsh climate, that remains for most of the year, residents in northern Canada deserve better handicapping options. That is where offshore sportsbooks step up as they are available online, from the comfort of home, 24/7 and 365 days a year. Click on any of the bookmakers listed above to discover wealth of sports and entertainment betting options.

Lotteries In Nunavut

Given its remote location, and small population base, sports betting in Nunavut is scarce at best. This is also true when it comes to attending live events being as there are not any pro or amateur sports teams in the true Great White North. Sports bars are also non-existent as the sale of liquor is prohibited in many Nunavut communities. That leaves WCLC lottery retailers as the only “local” source of wagering North of Sixty. Those can be difficult to find as well as Iqaluit, home to 7,000 residents and the capital of Nunavut, has two lottery retail outlets listed on the NWT & Nunavut website. If anyone deserves top-shelf online sports wagering, like the quality products offered by the bookmakers recommended at here at CSB, it’s the hearty people that call Nunavut home.

Nunavut Lottery – Sports Select Pro-Line

Far from optimal, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation Sports Select platform is available to residents in Nunavut. Planks within the Sports Select platform include Pro-Line/Over-Under, Props, Pools and the Point-Spread option. Pro-Line tickets require a three to six team parlay wager and bettors must choose between three odds options; Home – TIE – Visitor. Over-Under parlays must have at least three and up to ten selections. Point-Spread betting is the closest option to online wagering as there are no ties but players must make at least two picks to receive a valid ticket.

Sports Select Pools are a communal wagering option where players select straight up winners from all the daily games of individual leagues. For example, the 2016 NFL Week 11 “card” included 13 games and 110 players selected every game correctly and where each awarded a $2,463.70 prize. It’s largely a crapshoot but the cost is just $5.00 per ticket. WCLC Props offer options from various sports and require between three and six selections. Props offers include the worst of all world’s as they require three to six selections and the TIE option is thrown into the mix to complicate things.

*** Nunavut sports fans can escape the WCLC forced parlays and substandard odds jungle by registering an account at Bodog or any of the top ranked sportsbooks listed above

Best Alternative To Nunavut Sports Lottery

At Canada Sports Betting, we are dedicated to helping handicappers find superior sports wagering options. While we don’t hide the fact that our advertising partners are the best bookmakers in the business - we are very selective when it comes to our top sportsbook recommendations. Plain and simple, if a bookmaker doesn’t meet our qualifications - we don’t do business with them. Similar to shooting fish in a barrel, it’s very easy to find the best alternative to Nunavut sports lottery schemes as we've posted the offshore betting industry leaders on our comprehensive bookmaker list above.

It’s like night and day when considering the difference between the offshore offerings and WCLC Sports Select system. Sports bettors rightfully demand easy access, simple registration, plus quality lines that are tagged with fair prices. They also want to deal with bookmakers who offer safe and convenient banking options, fast payouts and valuable bonus offers. Facts are facts and just a very few of those qualities exist with the Sports Select platform. Conversely, top online bookmakers, like Canada born sports wagering legend Bodog, need to deliver those qualities everyday in order to survive in the competitive online wagering landscape. Get in the game, quick and easy, anytime.