Northwest Territories Lottery Sports Betting

Canada’s third largest land area, encompassing an expansive mainland and some small Arctic Ocean islands, the Northwest Territories is home to almost 50,000 hearty Canadians. A sparsely populated area, that is void of pro sports teams, mining, forestry and fishing are the primary industries North of Sixty. Not expecting we will find a whole lot, let’s take a look at the Northwest Territories sports betting opportunities.

Northwest Territories Sports Betting

With the Yukon to the west, and Nunavut to the east, this winter wonderland also borders Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. It’s a shame that the NTW opted for the WCLC Sports Select system as the BCLC PlayNow platform would have been a better choice. Even better, the fine folks in the Northwest Territories should hook up with any of these top online sports betting sites.

Lottery and sports betting in Canada’s Last Frontier is controlled and furnished by NWT & Nunavut Lotteries, which is headquarter in Yellowknife, NWT. Situated on the northern shores of Great Slave Lake, Yellowknife is the only “city” in the Northwest Territories. It is also home to almost 45% of the population and the majority of the WCLC sports lottery retailers in the Northwest Territories. Given its cold climate, one has to wonder how often those kiosks are visited for sports wagering; especially since there are much better options for the residents in the Land of the Polar Bear. We urge everyone in the true Great White North to check out the top online sportsbooks listed above.

Lotteries In Northwest Territories

Due to geographic barriers, plus a small population density, pro and next level amateur sports are difficult to find in the True North. Little to none, and the little is difficult to find, is the best way to describe the “local” options available for sports betting and land based gambling in the North. In fact, charity organized casinos, plus bingos, raffles and Nevada pull tickets, are pretty much the only gambling options from Aklavik to Whati in the land of the majestic Gyrfalcon. While the lack of a permanent casino and a horse betting racetrack is slightly surprising, it's understandable given the small NWT population. We were however shocked to discover that the pure evil of Video Lottery Terminals hasn’t spread to the Northwest Territories. That is a very good thing. Fans of betting on the NFL, NHL, and other pro sports in the NWT, can pick the WCLC Sports Select schemes or make a much better wager with top ranked bookmakers recommended here at Canada Sports Betting.

Northwest Territories Lottery – Sports Select Pro-Line

Given their limited local gambling choices, it's not fair that the fine folks in the Northwest Territories are forced to brave the elements to place their wagers. That is especially true when one considers that bets must be made with the WCLC Pro Select lottery schemes. Way behind modern times, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation remains steadfast in their ways as they still do not allow the Sports Select products to be purchased online. As such, NWT bettors must choose from the WCLC Pro-Line, Pools, Props and Point-Spread platforms that are purchased from lottery retailers.

That can certainly add some tough sledding, literally, to what should be a simple task. Travelling down a man-made ice road, to place wagers at a less than conveniently located gas station, isn’t the only task bettors have to navigate. Filling out a betting slip, with the heavily restricted Pro-Line options, is a challenge all to its own. Forced parlays, less than sharp odds, plus prices that just don’t measure up, are all reasons why sports handicappers in the Northwest Territories should look to offshore wagering websites. The 104th CFL Grey Cup betting options offered ample proof of that.

 *** Comparing the pitfalls of the WCLC Sports Select system to the benefits of offshore bookmakers, like BetOnlineit is a clear choice for bettors in the Northwest Territories.

Best Alternative To Northwest Territories Sports Lottery

As we were researching the WCLC offerings, and comparing our findings to the options offered by offshore bookmakers, the 104th Grey Cup was just days away. The first thing that jumped out at us was the inability to wager on either the Calgary Stampeders or Ottawa Redblacks with a single bet using the Sports Select platform. Over at BetOnline, we were able to lay the -9 (-110) ATS odds and back the Stamps with just a couple clicks. The line was better as well as Pro-Line added a hook and posted Calgary as -9.5 CFL Championship chalk. Then we still had to add two more wagers.

Adding the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans NFL Week 12 matchups satisfied the house favouring parlay requirement. The return on our $100 Pro-Line wager was $400 while the exact same ticket at BetOnline was worth $595 which is an inexplicable $195 difference. Selecting those same squads, with the money lines at both sites, pays a similar amount but all three picks on the Pro-Line ticket need to win by at least four points due to the added TIE odds. At BetOnline, if any of those contests are decided by just one point – our bet is a winner. Online bookmakers offer the best alternative to the Northwest Territories sports lottery schemes that are largely unfair to the NTW betting public.