Newfoundland Lottery Sports Betting

Newfoundland and Labrador is the eastern most province in Canada. Surrounded by a few small islands, Newfoundland is a big island in the North Atlantic Ocean. Labrador is a skipping stone across the Gulf of St Lawrence (21 km) and shares a 2,000 km border with Quebec on one side and the mighty Atlantic on the other. A bucket list destination, we proudly present the Newfoundland and Labrador sports betting scene.

Newfoundland Sports Betting

Living in a paradise of water and beaches, Newfoundland and Labrador residents share the Pro-Line Stadium sports wagering platform with their Maritime neighbours in New BrunswickNova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Though not the same caliber, compared to top online Newfoundland and Labrador sports betting sites we've rated below, this version of Pro Line is a fairly decent product.

Facing the reality that Donald J. Trump is President-Elect in the Untied States, many Americans are totally freaked out by the 2016 US Election results. Don’t say we didn’t warn you that the “old guard” was NOT a lock to keep the White House keys. Honest Canucks would've rejected HRC as well. Equal parts knee-jerk reaction and hilarious; many concerned Americans crashed the Canadian Immigration website once the election results stared pouring in and ultimately capsized the Clinton campaign. If any relocating Americans are sports betting fans, from a State other than Nevada, they may wonder why they didn’t make the 400-mile portage from Maine to Newfoundland sooner. As we've outlined below, they'll soon discover that it's not all milk and honey in their new homeland. 

Lotteries In Newfoundland

More rare than an albatross in golf, there have been just 18 double-eagles in Major Championship history through the 2016 PGA season, high level sporting events are difficult to find in Labrador and Newfoundland. Further to that, primarily due to its size and geographic location, there is very little of anything when it comes to sports betting in Newfoundland and Labrador. While talk of a major Hotel & Casino being built on The Rock is always ongoing, the government has rejected any and all proposals to date. As such, Newfoundland and Labrador is still the only province in Canada without a land based casino. Sadly, the only LIVE horse racing wagering action ended when the St. John's Racing and Entertainment Centre was all but shuttered in January 2016. While the venue still holds special events in the lounge area, including casual poker tournaments, live racing may never return to this picturesque track. That leaves ALC betting options as the only "local" game in town.

Newfoundland and Labrador Lottery - Pro-Line Stadium

Not as polished or complete, as the BCLC PlayNow online wagering package, Newfoundland and Labrador residents do have access to fairly decent sports betting. As members in the four-province Atlantic Lottery Corporation jurisdiction, residents on The Rock have access to the Pro-Line Stadium platform that offers LIVE action on a wide variety of sports and entertainment. Featuring Pro-Line, Stadium-Bets, Pro-Line Fantasy and Pro-line Futures, bettors can place their wagers online or at a local lottery retailer. We do however caution that federal law prohibits single-game betting so there is a minimum two-bet requirement, as well as less than sharp odds, on the vast majority of the Pro Line options. The ALC online platform is still void of LIVE poker and casino action but they do offer iBingo, Pick’n Click games and lottery ticket sales. Work is required but this is a fairly good start.

*** Bettors in Newfoundland and Labrador deserve high quality wagering options. That’s when top rated online sportsbooks, like SportsInteraction, step up to the plate and deliver.

Best Alternative To Newfoundland and Labrador Sports Lottery

We should mention that the Atlantic Lottery Corporation also operates the Video Lottery Terminals that are planted in bars across Newfoundland and Labrador. Understanding we have said it before, as a public service, we feel compelled to reiterate it again. VLT’s are inherently evil and their plugs should be pulled from coast to coast across Canada. While the Pro-Line Stadium wagering platform is somewhat “less evil” the restrictions imposed on handicappers still tilt the odds in favour of the government and away from the players. While we understand supporting your home province, by purchasing their sports lottery products, there are better ways of giving back to the community.

Wagering with reputable bookmakers, where you receive a higher return, and then spending your winnings in the community is suggested. Rather than playing against a stacked deck, sports fans in the Atlantic Canada region are urged to check out the top rated online sportsbooks listed above. These bookmakers, SportsInteraction is one of our most referred sites, have been around for years and they are competing for your business. That is important as offshore books must offer solid lines that are backed by reasonable prices, while being attentive to customer care, in order to keep their clients. The free enterprise system within the offshore betting industry, and its "battle for business" mantra, will always be a better option than the government controlled monopolies in Canada.