New Brunswick Lottery Sports Betting

Established in 1784, New Brunswick is one of three Maritime Provinces in Canada. Bordered by Quebec, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, New Brunswick is home to just under 800,000 residents. Without a pro sports team, though on a short list to obtain a CFL franchise soon, the predominant French population in NB often cheers for the Montreal Canadiens and Alouettes. Let's look at New Brunswick sports betting.

New Brunswick Sports Betting

Fairly evenly matched with their Quebec neighbours, who bet with the Mise-O-Jeu platform, New Brunswicker’s have a decent gambling system. Controlled by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) residents of The Loyalist Province can actually bet online at the Pro-Line Stadium website. However, Pro-Line is a spam sandwich when compared to the Hero sub offered by these online bookmakers.

Jumping on the lottery gravy train, at the starting station in 1976, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) is a conglomeration that monitors gaming activities in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, plus Newfoundland and Labrador. This government run operation, Atlantic Lottery for short, is responsible for online and lottery kiosk wagering as well as casino, horse racing and poker betting throughout Atlantic Canada. If you read any of our provincial lottery reviews, it's easy to see that we don’t fully endorse any type of government controlled gambling. That said, due to the fact that they offer online sports betting, accessible from home computers or via popular mobile devices while out fishing, the ACL Pro-Line Stadium wagering platform is begrudgingly a ‘take it” in a “take it or leave it” scenario. A bottom line still remains though; top online New Brunswick sports betting sites will always be the sportsbooks that are reviewed and ranked on our top bookmaker list above.

Lotteries In New Brunswick

Unexpected, in a province of under a million people, quality sports betting is widely available in New Brunswick. Jointly owned, by the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation and the government, Casino New Brunswick is the crown jewel in the ALC crown. Situated in Moncton, NB, this venue boasts a top-level hotel, spa and special events center to go along with the table games, poker and slot action offered in the gaming area. First Nations operated casinos, video lottery lounges, poker rooms and bingo halls are also available in NB. Horse racing fans can enjoy LIVE and simulcast pony betting action at the Fredericton Raceway or Exhibition Park Raceway in Saint John. Considering it’s relatively small population, a wide variety of gambling action is alive and well in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Sports Lottery – Pro-Line Stadium

Atlantic Canada sports handicappers, who choose to gamble on government controlled wagering options, go to the New Brunswick Sports Lottery Pro-Line Stadium platform offered by the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. Available online, or through local lottery retailers, bettors choose their action from four betting boards; Stadium Bets, Pro-Line, Pro-Line Futures and Pro-Line Fantasy. Although being able to purchase tickets online is certainly a bonus some real nasty restrictions exist with Pro Line options. The ALC relaxes the dreaded parlay requirements slightly, when compared to the OLC in Ontario and WCLC out West, but players are still required to select at least two teams with all of the ALC options – except Pro-Line Futures. Punters also need to navigate the murky TIE odds pitfall with Pro-Line and the questionable lines offered with Stadium Bets where the TIE odds are dropped. As we illustrate below, ALC Pro-Line is still weighted heavily in favour of the government ledger.

*** Comparatively speaking New Brunswick sports and entertainment wagering fans have it pretty good - though they are better off at Bet365 or other top offshore bookmakers.  

Best Alternative To Sports Lottery In New Brunswick

Never wanting to be all talk, without offering any knowledge, here are some points that make us critical of the Canadian government controlled online betting platforms. It’s Week 10 of the 2016 National Football League schedule and we have researched the odds and prices on the ALC Pro Line and Bet365 betting boards. We really like New England at home vs Seattle in the Sunday Night prime time fight. We crash into our first roadblock immediately as we can’t make a single wager on the Patriots over the Seahawks with the Pro-Line platform. OK, we also like Arizona as thick chalk at home against the woeful 49ers. As such, we’ll add the Cardinals gaudy straight up price to satisfy the parlay requirement - that tilts the odds towards the Fredericton Federales. If the Pats cover the spread and the Cards win, our $100 wager at Bet365 earns us a $118.21 return. Over at Pro-Line, we have to make four $25 wagers (max per bet) to earn a paltry $89.00 return on our investment. If that doesn’t send you running to offshore sportsbooks - check out this possible very bad beat.

Closer than it should've been, due to San Francisco scoring a touchdown with two seconds left on the game clock, the Cardinals get a much needed 24-21 win victory. That’s one down win and one to go. After getting screwed by NFL Emperor Roger Goodell, head coach Bill Belichick and the Brady Bunch are on their biggest FU mission ever. Plus, they have had two weeks off to prepare for this Super Bowl XLIX grudge match. Seattle has slipped slightly defensively, they're one dimensional on offense (30th rushing) and QB Russell Wilson is playing through a knee injury. The Patriots easily cover with a 34-24 victory at Gillette Stadium. Puckin’ Eh - it’s Payday! Hold the phone though. You took the Cards to win, which they did - but only by three points. With Pro-Line, that result is TIE so, we are sorry to say, your parlay ticket is trash ready. Playing at respected online sportsbooks, like the ones we recommend here are Canada Sports Betting, bettors receive a larger rate of return and they don’t have to worry about the margin of victory with their straight up wagers. Welcome Eh!