Mise-O-Jeu Sports Betting

Since Loto-Quebec launched its online version of their popular Mise-O-Jeu sports wagering lottery critics have seen it as one of the best provincial online sports betting sites. Offering action on major sports including NHL, MLB, soccer, tennis, fighting and – unlike BC’s PlayNow.com and Ontario’s Proline – NBA. Many more bettors though, still prefer the better value offered by popular online betting alternatives.

Alternatives to Mise-O-Jeu online betting in Quebec

If you’re like most bettors in Quebec and are ready for the convenience and huge variety of betting options offered by some of the most reputable online sports betting sites, look no further than these options below.

Comparing Mise-O-Jeu Sports Betting to Offshore Online Sportsbooks

While Loto-Quebec’s Mise-O-Jeu website looks similar to some offshore online sportsbooks, the number of differences far outweighs the similarities. While Mise-O-Jeu is an impressive endeavor by Loto-Quebec, make no mistake about it, their goal is to make money and sports gaming is just one branch of the multi-billion dollar Loto-Quebec fund-generating tree.

As such, the odds are stacked against the player. Each play at Mise-O-Jeu requires a minimum of 2 predictions and a maximum of 8. Within this limitation, only a certain combination of predictions can be combined. For example, certain player props for a game cannot be combined with result props for that same game. Online sportsbooks profit by taking a percentage (“vig” or “juice”) off the top of all action accumulated for a bet. Their aim is to spread the action evenly across both sides, with this juice being how they make a living. With Mise-O-Jeu, Loto-Quebec makes its money by forcing customers to make these “de facto” parlays. By combining events, the difficulty goes way up and without elevated pay-out lines, they usually come out on top.

With no true competition, Mise-O-Jeu does not need to worry about many of the things that come standard at offshore online sportsbooks. Mise-O-Jeu offers customer service during standard business hours (well standard for government employees – 9-4), while it’s rare to find an offshore book that doesn’t have 24/7 customer service via email, toll-free phone and maybe even a live chat.

One of the biggest differences between offshore sportsbooks is the competition that arises over bigger and better sigh-up and reload deposit bonuses, with some books even going as high as a 100% sign-up bonus. Mise-O-Jeu does not offer any bonuses, so what you deposit is what you play with.

How bad are the betting odds at Mise-O-Jeu?

We wanted to like Mise-O-Jeu, we promise. But despite a lack of promotions and bonuses, minimal customer service and a lack of betting options, where Loto-Quebec’s sports lottery service truly fails is in its betting odds. Despite the previously mentioned fact that the standard juice for Mise-O-Jeu is much higher than that of the offshore sportsbook competition, usually -143 (Mise-O-Jeu) to -110 (offshore standard), by not allowing single straight bets, this juice is multiplied even higher.

Let’s take an example from a recent night of NBA basketball. Choosing a three event “prediction” with Mise-O-Jeu (odds in Decimal): 1.70, 1.70 and 1.70 by risking $10 you would get a payout of $49.15 with a win (we’re ignoring the effect of applicable taxes for this example).

Compare that to a leading offshore online sportsbook where the same choices give you odds of (American) -110, -110 and -110. By risking $10 you could earn a potential payout of $69.58. That’s more than $20 more – plus there’s no tax!

Don’t be fooled by Mise-O-Jeu’s sleek new design or user-friendly interface. Leading offshore online sportsbooks offer more betting options, better service, free bonuses and better odds.