Manitoba Lottery Sports Betting

One of three “Prairie Provinces” in Canada, Manitoba is home to just under 1.5 million residents. Bordered by Saskatchewan to its west side and Ontario to the east, Manitoba boosts over 80 designated Provincial Parks and it is an amazing summer wonderland. The CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers and NHL Winnipeg Jets are the professional teams that are most prominently featured on the Manitoba sports betting scene.

Manitoba Sports Betting

Littered with lakes, from Brandon near the North Dakota border, to Churchill on the tip of Hudson Bay in the north, watersports are the craze during Manitoba summers. Winter comes early though, usually with full force, and so does trudging through snow to purchase Sports Select tickets. The top ranked online sportsbooks listed below are a much better way to bet on sports in Manitoba.

We have to admit that we were very surprised by the fact that Crown Corporation Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, established in 1993, piggy backs the PlayNow online betting platform founded by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. While we can only imagine the hit that the Western Canada Lottery Corporation Sports Select brand has taken, being as it was once the only game in town, we are pretty sure it’s a big one. In fact, we find it hard to believe the ML&L is even associated with the WCLC anymore. It must be a jurisdiction thing because choosing between the BCLC and the WCLC wagering options is akin to being given a choice of a Ferrari or a Ford Pinto – it’s not even close. The bookmakers listed above, that are reviewed and recommended by the Crew here at Canada Sports Betting, kick things up a few notches and always keep Manitoba bettors in the game 24/7 everyday.

Lotteries In Manitoba

In addition to the PlayNow and WCLC wagering options, Manitoba bettors have access to a number of casinos, which are scattered throughout the province. Winnipeg, home to McPhillips Station and Club Regent Casinos, is the gambling epicenter in Canada’s fourth largest province. Although they often struggle against the two behemoths under government control, there are also several First Nations operated live betting venues in Manitoba. Assiniboia Downs Racino, first opened in 1958, offers quality live and simulcast horse betting action and almost 150 “high risk but low reward” Video Lottery Terminals in the Club West Gaming Lounge. VLT’s should be avoided at any and all costs. Unfortunately, sports fans are out of luck at all of those locations as none of them offer LIVE sports betting. Manitoba bettors always receive quality sports wagering at top online sportsbooks.

Manitoba Lottery – BCLC PlayNow & WCLC Sports Select

Considered by some as a rather sleepy farming province, our research proves that there are a wide variety of options available for entertainment and sports betting in Manitoba. That said, receiving a larger amount of choices isn’t always better as the WLCL Sports Select model still rears its ugly head in the Keystone Province. The usual suspects, poor parlay betting structures, devalued betting lines, and the choice of multiple betting prices on many games, help the ML&L suits in Winnipeg keep the odds stacked in their favour. It's not talking out of school to suggest that the Point Spread, Pro-Line, Props and WCLC Pools prey on under educated gamblers. Some may also fear government rhetoric when it comes to the legality of online sports betting. It’s fairly hypocritical when one considers the millions of dollars the PlayNow online platform is now ploughing into the Manitoba economy. 

*** Bettors in Friendly Manitoba can face some issues with the PlayNow system. With top online bookmakers, like William Hill, mobile players always receive great betting options.

Best Alternative To Sports Lottery In Manitoba

Our British Columbia Sports Betting article delivers a review of the PlayNow wagering platform that is available to lucky punters in Manitoba. When it comes to government controlled gambling in Canada, the PlayNow online website is as to close to the Real McCoy as possible. They have even started following offshore models by offering their clients sign up bonuses and valuable cash back rewards. However, unreasonable restrictions and unfair betting requirements continue to keep the PlayNow system a few rungs below top online sportsbooks. Also for consideration; your buddy just sent a text message to remind you that half of the Ottawa Redblacks team will be sitting out their meaningless CFL Week 20 match against a fully loaded and motivated Blue Bombers squad. You reside in Emerson, Manitoba, but you are five miles south in Pembina, North Dakota, filling up on some cheap American gas. Game time is just five minutes away but you can't access your PlayNow account due to being outside of the province. Recommended as a best alternative to sports lotteries in Manitoba, if you register a William Hill betting account you can make a wager on your beloved Bombers while your gas is being pumped and the ticket will be confirmed before the tank is full.