Sports Action Betting

In British Columbia the easiest way to bet offline is via BCLC’s Sports Action service. It features a sports betting platform where you can bet on soccer, basketball and football (both college and professional), hockey and baseball. Bets can be placed on Pro Line, OVER/UNDER, Props or Point Spread. BCLC lottery terminals are found in casinos, supermarkets or convenience stores.

Alternatives To Sports Action Online Betting

For an alternative to the norm, check out out list of the best online sportsbooks available to residents of British Columbia. These have great betting lines, signup bonuses, promotional offers and convenient payout options.

Review of Sports Action Lotto Betting

Sports Action betting is a great way to make the bets you want from your own house.  The odds you need are updated daily, though once they’re set in the morning, they’re set for the day. There is plenty of opportunity to win, with Props offering the widest variety of potential. It is as good as any system in the province and has been well-loved by its customers for years. The post-season successes of the Canucks and Lions help the fanbase have something to cheer about, and something to bet on.

BC Sports Action Point Spread Betting

Point Spread betting in British Coluombia is a big deal. In hockey it is known as puckline, where the line is set for one team ending in .5 to avoid any ties, then you sit back and see if they win by that number or more. Pucklines rarely go over -1.5.  In football, betting on the spread is the most popular way to go, especially in the NFL. Sharp bettors love using the BCLC spread lines to increase their bankrolls, in all seasons for all sports.

Sports Action Over Under Menu

The OVER/UNDER odds at the BCLC Sports Action menu are average to the point of being almost predictable. Hockey is almost always 5.5, so if you pick 6 goals to be scored by both teams combined you win. Five goals or less and you lose. Baseball O/U odds go a few higher. Basketball teams with good offensive production usually boost the O/U line as high as 200+. The odds are located at the far right of the menu beside Oddset (Pro Line) and Point Spread.