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When it comes to online sports betting in Canada, as they do with their pristine lakes and majestic mountains, residents of British Columbia have it better than most Canadians. That’s because people living on Canada’s west coast have 24/7 access to the betting website. Unique in Canada, PlayNow offers a full range of online betting options including Sportsbook, Poker, and Casino wagering.

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Although the betting system has made substantial strides to bring the Canadian online betting scene out of the stone ages, they still have a ways to go before they can match the offerings of the top rated offshore betting houses. For those living outside the BC jurisdiction, or if you want to hit a single bet hard, look to our recommended online sportsbooks listed below. Only the best of the best make our coveted Top Five list! Sports Betting Website Review

We mentioned that has made major strides when it comes to offering sports betting enthusiasts in British Columbia with a reasonable facsimile of Las Vegas style sportsbook betting. Of those strides made, the biggest one has to be the fact that BC sports junkies can now bet online, with a major credit card, without having to leave their home to head to their local gas station or convenience store. This convenient option is a Canadian first and we applaud the British Columbia Lottery Commission for their efforts.

Sports Action British Columbia Betting Platform

Fans of online sports wagering in British Columbia can access the BCLC Sports Action betting platform anytime 24/7 to get their game on. The Sports Action area of the websites offers three main handicapping options that include Oddset, Over/Under, and Point Spread wagering. Mirroring the Money Line, Total, and Point Spread options found at offshore betting houses, or land based sportsbook in Las Vegas, these three options offer BC residents the best in Canadian online sports wagering.

BCLC PlayNow Online Sports Betting Explained In A Nutshell

Still not 100% in line with the standard sports wagering you will find at our popular offshore betting websites, the BCLC online PlayNow sports betting experience is the head and shoulders above the rest of the offerings in Canada. With the Oddset option, BC bookmakers set Visitor, Tie, and Home wagering odds for major sports such as MLB, the NBA and of course puck betting action from the NHL. Wagering slips must contain at least two, and up to six selections, at a cost of $2.00 up to $100 per betting slip.

With the Point Spread and Over/Under the odds are similar to those available at most online sportsbooks with the major difference being the low maximum betting limits and the two selections per ticket requirement. While BC sports handicappers have better options, if they turn to our top rated offshore sportsbooks, offered through the BCLC is breath of fresh air when it comes to the Canadian online sports scene.