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When it comes to online gambling and sports betting, the industry has continued to boom all over Canada. And for avid sports fans everywhere, PlayNow Sports has become a popular source for folks to check out odds and place their bets, particularly in gambling in British Columbia.

Once you hit the website, you’re loaded with bundles of information about the teams you’re hoping to cash in on.

But while PlayNow has earned the trust of countless people out there, it’s certainly not the only option for fans out there to interact with. This is something we've fully learned during our PlayNow Review.

Here at Canada Sports Betting, we’ve prided ourselves on delivering timely and consistent content to bettors everywhere.

Whether you’re looking to make a bet on the NFL, NBA, CFL, MLB or any other major sport across the world, we and our partners have you covered with the latest odds and trends to help you make your decision.

Our review showcases their features odds, futures picks, prop bets and much more. However, Canada Sports Betting has all of that, plus bigger bonuses and even more markets.

What else could you ask for? Canada Sports Betting is the one-stop shot for information about betting in Canada, there’s no doubt about that. Sports Betting Review

The biggest change we've seen in sports gambling in recent years is fans are able to make their bets online. No more traveling to casinos or out of the country for Canadians to bet on the NFL, CFL, MLB and more.

Outlets like Sports Interaction, Play Now, Sportsbook, Bovada and others have made life incredibly easy for fans everywhere. It's truly revolutionized gambling as a whole. 

Where else can bettors find action outside of

While has taken over as a top betting option for people in British Columbia, everyone in Canada is quickly learning there are countless other places to find odds and place bets online.

And here at Canada Sports Betting, our partners deliver updated odds on a daily basis with the best sports betting sites in Canada.

Whether you're looking to make a prop bet, moneyline on an MLB game or drop some money on who you think will win the next Super Bowl, we've got you covered. Sports Interaction, Spin Palace Sports, BetWay, Bet365, bodog plus more are all featured on Canada Sports Betting. 

For example with Sports Interaction, say you've got a hunch the New Orleans Saints will take home the Lombardi Trophy this upcoming season. By going on their site, you can clearly see its "NFL Futures" link featured. 

After clicking on that, you can find the Saints have 8.75 odds to win the Super Bowl. In addition, all of the other teams' odds are listed.

With New Orleans holding the third-best odds behind the Patriots and Rams, you can see what the chances are the competition ends up winning over New Orleans, which in turn could help you make your betting decision. This is just one example of the countless bets/services provided to our readers.

What should fans do before gambling on

Obviously, there are thousands of things a sports fan must think about before making a decision on which bet to place. No. 1, though, will always be which site/outlet they’ll be using to try and make big bucks off a game they have on their minds.

While is popular, working with Canada Sports Betting must be considered.

With the many partners we have, it’s always important to remember which site will give you the most bang for your buck. Throughout the year, our partners are running different campaigns and promotions. It’s not just one, but all of them.

Why limit your bonus capacity to just one site, when we offer so many?

In addition to promos, think about the different deposit bonuses afforded to you. Say it’s NBA Finals season, you might receive a notice for a special NBA Finals promo where you get a certain extra percentage added to your account for reloading your balance. Why not look to where you can receive the best gambling bonuses

It all varies and obviously it’s going to appeal to fans of different sports who are betting in Canadian provinces. What about payment methods? How fast will you be able to receive your money if you hit a three-team parlay? These are all things that must be taken into account when finding where to place a bet.

How to find the best sports welcome bonus outside of

Forgive me for stating the obvious when I say this, but there are few things in this world better than free money. And on countless sports sites out there, you’re often given an extremely nice bonus or match bet when you sign up for their services.

While offers multiple services, the current promo on their sportsbook isn’t overly appealing. If you sign up, you’re given a match free bet of up to $50. Really, that’s it?

On Sports Interaction, you’re given a 100 percent bonus (up to $200) when you sign up. So, you’re telling me if I deposit $200 into my account, I get a free $200 as well? That’s a pretty sweet deal to start off a new relationship.

They’re not the only ones, though. BetWay also offers a bonus of up to $200, with a 100 percent match. These are only a couple of the examples of the sweet bonuses and promotions our partners at Canada Sports Betting are running.

Whether its at or with our partners, countless bonuses are waiting for you to take advantage of. You can see the different kinds of promos and check deposit methods here.

How can you bet on

While the allure of gambling online seems attractive to millions of Canadians, there are still rules and laws that need to be followed. In order to bet online with or the partners at Canada Sports Betting, you must be 18 years old. 

In addition, you must have a valid e-mail address in order to sign up and an active bank account/credit card in order to load and reload your accounts. Canadian Sports Betting seems like it can be tricky to navigate, but things have been made incredible easy for fans.

If you have any bet in mind now or in the near future, be sure to check out Canada Sports Betting to see the latest odds and hot bets. Regardless of the sport, we're certain you'll be able to find the answer you're looking for.