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Many when they picture British Columbia think of the Pacific Ocean, Rocky Mountains and the beautiful cities, but British Columbia is so much more.

As the third most populated province in Canada, BC is full of rabid sports cheering on local, national and international teams, with many not only cheering but betting on their favourite sports and teams.

While sports betting and gambling are legal throughout the province, the limitations of BCLC’s sporting betting service and some controversy involving British Columbians casinos have bettors looking elsewhere. Lucky, for the residents of the picturesque province, there are many amazing sportsbooks available for some in British Columbia. 

Online sportsbooks offer a greater variety of events and provide better odds than provincial sports lotteries. From futures markets to special events to odds on lesser-known sports, there are betting options for everyone from British Columbia’s diverse culture.

Here on CanadaSportsBetting.ca, bettors can find all the general information on gambling in British Columbia, plus loads of other excellent betting news and betting pages to help make betting online in Canada a seamless and successful process.

How to Bet on Sports in British Columbia

For those looking to bet online in British Columbia, they first need to know the requirements. To make an account with an online sportsbook, residents of BC need to be at least 18 years old, have a functioning email address, have an address in British Columbia and have a bank account or credit with the same address.

These are standard requirements for everyone, not just residents of British Columbia.

There are slightly different terms for bettors using Bitcoin or other forms of deposit. To use Bitcoin, bettors must have an e-wallet and may only make withdrawals from Bitcoin winning into their e-wallet.

After making sure all requirements are fulfilled, the next step is picking an online sportsbook. There are more than a few online sportsbooks offering betting services to the people of British Columbia.

However, online sportsbooks are not created equal. Some cater to sharp experienced caters while others and perfect for those new to sports betting. Readers should compare online sportsbooks with what they are aiming to accomplish when gambling online.

To help the process of picking an online sportsbook, we have compiled a list of the best Canadian sportsbooks, the ones that are safe, secure and reputable in Canada.

Compare Sportsbooks for Best BC Betting Products

When finally picking an online sportsbook, bettors need to compare the different options and advantages each online sportsbooks offer. Below are the leading factors to consider when making a decision.

Bonuses and Promotion

Most online sportsbooks offer some form of reward to new bettors. The most common bonuses are matches on initial deposits or free bets.

Initial bonuses match a percentage (between 50% and 100%) of a new customer’s first deposit (on average between $20 to $200). These bonuses come with a rollover requirement, meaning bettors must wager between six and ten times their initial deposit plus bonus before they can make withdrawals.

Seasoned bettors often skip these bonuses, but those new to online sports betting can take them to help them experience more of what online sportsbooks offer.

The other bonus, free bets, is typically a free $5 to $10 wager given to customers after their first deposit. For most free bet bonuses, minimum odds of 1.40 or more are required.

Payment Methods

There are two sides of payment methods to know about before making a decision. The first is what methods they accept, and the second is how fast they process payments (and withdrawal requests).

The two most popular methods of payments are bank transfers and debit/credit cards. Once an account is registered and cards are verified, deposits through credit and debit cards processed immediately. When making withdrawals, the process takes up to 24 hours to confirm with funds transferring within five business days.

Using MasterCard is a great and easy way for British Columbians to make safe and secure transactions online. To find out where to deposit with MasterCard, click the link or continue for more helpful information when wagering online in British Columbia.

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Best Sportsbooks in British Columbia

There is not just one reason why sportsbooks in British Columbia are becoming the standard for sports bettors. They offer so much more for people in British Columbia and those gambling in Canadian provinces that most people find one or two aspects available online that make them make the switch.

Variety of Sports Available

Even if the majority of betting in British Columbia is on the major North American sports, the fact many international or smaller leagues/sports are not available for betting makes some bettors feel underserved or left out entirely.

The lack of options is why many Canadians are turning away from their provincial betting services for online betting sites. Online sportsbooks offer way more options, from cricket and rugby to international basketball to junior hockey.

Futures Markets

One area where BCLC sports betting is severely lacking is on futures markets. Futures markets are the best way to get high odds on sports without parlaying (or using an accumulator) multiple events. They offer futures on all sports, with odds adjusting throughout the year.

Increased Options on the Biggest Events

Whether it is the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby or FIFA World Cup, online sportsbooks know the most prominent events for BC sports betting. When these big events roll around, online sportsbooks up the ante with a bigger selection of odds. Bettors will not only find odds on winners and game totals but plenty of game props and even specialty props.

Live Betting

Unlike the BC sports betting service provided by the province, once a game or event starts, it is still open for betting. Online sportsbooks offer live betting on the majority of their events. Watching a game and see something you like (or do not like), jump on your online sportsbooks to see adjusted game totals, point spreads and moneyline. Online sportsbooks even offer live odds on individual sports such as golf and boxing.

Bet on a Single Event

Due to Canadian laws, through betting on sports in Canada are required to wager on at least two events at a time. While the payout is higher when accumulating multiple bets, winning those wagers is also more difficult. Online sportsbooks allow all their customers to bet on single events.

Better Odds = More Money

On popular online sportsbooks available in Canada, the opening odds on a point spread or game total are between 1.87 and 1.95. Betting $10 on team A to cover the spread nets a profit of $8.70 to $9.50.

Standard odds when betting point spreads in British Columbia are closer to 1.50 on point spreads. Opting to bet on odds of 1.50 instead of 1.91 is saying you are happy to win 80% less money on every bet.

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Sports Actions and Proline in BC

As mentioned early, Canadians are required by law to bet on at least two events sporting events. Instead of using the term parlay, the Proline betting service in British Columbia calls it an accumulator, where odds accumulate for every event bet on (starting at two and going up to six).

While every bettor is happy to win more money, the limitations of the Sports Action and Proline in BC make winning multiple bets a challenge.

When using the service to create a betting card of six events, bettors are often forced to bet on the same sport or type of wagers.

For example, on a Sunday during the NFL season, bettors could bet up to six NFL point spreads. However, the limitations of the Sports Action mean they cannot mix in some NFL moneylines and game totals. They may not even be allowed to bet on point spreads from other sports.

If you wish to read more about Sports Action betting or are looking for alternatives for Playnow Sports, we have plenty of great recommendations and information to make the change.  

BC Betting

Even if you enjoy the betting service provided by proline, dislike the limited options and forced minimum of two bets, we have got you covered. All the betting options available on proline are available on our partner sites.

Combining markets is also much better through our top-rated partners. Mix and match point spreads, moneylines and game totals across multiple sports (with better payouts) or focuses on single bets and futures markets. The options are endless, the payouts are higher, and all of it is possible in the comfort of your home.