British Columbia Lottery Sports Betting

Beautiful British Columbia is the well-deserved nickname for Canada’s West Coast province. One of the most diverse Canadian populations, BC is closing in on five million residents. While the Vancouver Canucks are still searching for a Stanley Cup, the BC Lions have brought the CFL Grey Cup to “God’s Country” six times through the 2016 season. Let’s take a look at the sports betting options available to bettors in BC.

British Columbia Sports Betting

Blessed with the best of all worlds, amazing mountains for skiing, sandy beaches for summer fun, plus a relatively mild climate to enjoy it all, BC bettors also have access to one of the “best” online sports wagering websites. Best is noted in quotes due to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation PlayNow handicapping portal still not being up to snuff compared to these top ranked bookmakers.

In full flight since 2012, the PlayNow sports and entertainment platform is available to residents who live full-time in British Columbia and are at least 19 years old. While not totally overwhelmed, we have to admit that we were pleasantly surprised by the wagering options available at the BCLC betting site. PlayNow offers a nice mix of gambling options, the sports odds are fairly reasonable, plus bettors can place wagers from their computer or on the go with mobile devices. However, try as they might, the BCLC still lags behind the bookmakers on our recommended list above. As it is across Canada, the parlay betting structure, plus the requirement to select from three wagering lines on most games, will always keep PlayNow a few steps behind the leading online sportsbooks.

Lotteries In British Columbia

From Abbotsford to Victoria, sports betting in British Columbia offers BC handicappers some of the most progressive wagering action anywhere in Canada. Although some locations are Bingo Halls or electronic betting only, the British Columbia Lottery Corporation website lists 42 licensed gambling establishments (as of 2017) that are spread out over five areas of the province. On a recent trip to the West Coast, along with taking in some NHL and CFL action, the Edgewater Casino rated as a highlight of our adventure. Nestled on the False Creek sea wall, and just south of the Rogers Arena (a Stanley Cup Finals venue) and BC Place (home to Grey Cup Championships) Edgewater Casino is the best betting option in downtown Vancouver. Established in 1889, historic Hasting Racecourse is also a very sweet spot for a large variety of wagering excitement on Canada’s beautiful West Coast.

British Columbia Lottery - PlayNow

In addition to living in one of the most picturesque provinces in Canada, legal age (+19) residents of British Columbia have access to the best online gambling options in the country. We aren’t telling tall tales when suggesting that the BCLC PlayNow platform is as close to real online wagering as it gets north of the 49th parallel. Accepting online registration, account funding, and LIVE betting, the people behind PlayNow have also clued into the fact that bettors deserve bonus offers and player rewards for their client loyalty. Of all the Canadian betting platforms we reviewed, PlayNow is head and shoulders above them all when it comes their sports betting and online casino action. Bettors hanging out with the ponies at Hastings, or wagering at any of the BC casinos, can also play the old fashion BC Sports Action betting option at lottery kiosks. If you live on the Coast – Congratulations!

*** BC bettors have it pretty good, with the PlayNow betting system, but we urge West Coast sports fans to check out the online sportsbook options – Bodog is one of the best!

Best Alternative To British Columbia Sports Lottery

Considering the crusty schemes bettors in Ontario and Western Canada have to deal with, it is easy to compliment the BCLC sports betting engine. It's the "little engine that almost can" provide top drawer gambling options. Since the BCLC doles out dough to local charities, plus health, sports and social programs, we understand why PlayNow is restricted residents. It is kind of weird though, as friends from tiny Valemount, BC, joined us for a relaxing weekend in Jasper, Alberta, not long ago. After being rather braggadocios about PlayNow, they cooled some when they couldn't access their account due to being outside of BC - just 75 miles from home. The “look how great PlayNow is” conversation ended when we fired up our iPhone and made some NFL wagers at Bodog - all while soaking in the Miette Hot Springs. That conversation may never happen again after we cashed in a sweet “single-game” wager on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers victory over the Carolina Panthers during the NFL 2016 Week 5 MNF action. BC bettors, sick of those forced parlay bets and TIES, are urged to check out best alternative to British Columbia sports lotteries at the top bookmakers here at CSB.