Sport Select Alberta

The Sport Select method of betting is enormous in Alberta. Featured sports include soccer, hockey, football and both professional and college football and basketball. The betting options and Sport Select odds are focused on Pro Line, over/under and Point Spread.

Sport Select game lists are through the roof. Terminals are found in casinos, supermarkets and at convenience stores across the province.

With Sport Select Alberta, however, single bets on games are not allowed on the Sport Select game list, as betting on a single sporting event is considered illegal under the criminal code.

However, just because you're out of luck with some areas on Sport Select online, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on single-game bets elsewhere. 

If you like sports betting in single games, Canada Sports Betting and its partners offering you multiple ways to place your money where you think you can win.

Is it legal to bet on Sport Select in Alberta?

Sport Select is legal, but not all bets will be permitted. The No. 1 bet you can't make, which you can make across our partners here on Canada Sports Betting, revolves around single-match wagers. 

On Sports Select, you can't place your money on a single game because it's illegal under the criminal code. This type of Alberta sports betting is not allowed.

So for example if you love the Yankees as moneyline favorites against the Red Sox in a game, you wouldn't be able to use Sport Select as an outlet.

However, that's not the case with our partners such as Sports Interaction, BET365, BETWAY and many others. 

Here's how you can bet online with Sport Select

While betting with Sport Select certainly has its fun benefits for people across Canada, that doesn't mean similar bets can't be made elsewhere. More specifically, there are plenty of ways to simulate the bets you've made on Sports Select with one of our partners. 

Essentially with Sport Select, you're looking at making wagers whether through pro-line, point spread or over/under bets. The main disadvantage is you can't place your single-match bets. However, once you get to Canada Sports Betting, you'll be fully ready to compare your options and find the best bet for you. 

As you'll see a little below, we've selected different partners that can satisfy the betting styles Canadians would have if they went down either the pro-line, point spread or over/under route. 

How does betting on pro-line work with Sport Select?

We're guessing if you've got a history of betting in Canada, you've probably heard of pro-line multiple times throughout your gambling career. With Sport Select, pro-line is considered the most popular game the outlet has to offer.

With pro-line, you're essentially looking at a multi-game 'parlay' where you can place wagers on the outcomes on anywhere from two to six games and their moneylines. Obviously, the more games you pick to include in your pro-line wager (parlay), the more difficult it'd be to win/more money you'd have come in if it hits. 

Say you wanted to bet on four games with pro-line in the MLB on Sport Select, but wanted to go a different route. Not to worry, as the exact same thing could be done with one our partners, including Sports Interaction. 

On July 3, if you were to take the Reds (1.69), Braves (1.65), Giants (2.20) and Dodgers (1.38) and place $50 on it, it'd have a total payout of $425.79. That wager included some big underdogs, but you get the point. You have the ability to parlay your teams into a bet, the exact same way you could with pro-line. 

sport select game list

How does betting on point spreads work with Sport Select?

Similar to pro-line betting, gamblers must take a minimum of two games to incorporate in their point spread wagers. The difference here, though, is that bettors can pick anywhere between two and 12 games to include in their bets. 

Rather than moneyline bets like with pro-line, point spread wagers predict how much each team in a game will win by.

So for example, if the Yankees enter a game against the Astros as 1.5-point favorites, they must win by two runs in order for you to stay alive in your bet. If your other game is the Mariners as 1.5 point favorites, they'd also have to win by two runs for you to be victorious. 

Now, in the example listed above, if the Mariners were to win 7-5, but the Yankees won 7-6, you'd lose your bet because New York didn't cover the spread. They may have won the game, but they didn't do so by enough runs for you in this case. 

If you want to make this kind of a bet, you can do so on one of our trusted partnersBetway. On the July 3 MLB schedule, you could take the Nationals (-1.5), Angels (-1.5), Astros (-1.5) and Cardinals (-1.5) as a four-team bet.

If you were to put $100 on those teams and they all won by two runs or more, you'd win a total of $1,976. Again, the more games you pick, the higher the payout would be if everything were to come out in your favor with the bet. 

How does betting on over/under work with Sport Select?

Last but not least, we have the over/under bets that can be made via Sport Select. With this kind of a wager, it's exactly what it sounds like. There's always going to be a point/run total for a game you make a bet on.

In the case of the over/under wagers on Sport Select, you can pick the over or under for anywhere between two and 12 games. With our partners, however, you could take the over/under on a single match if you should please to do so.

The benefit of using our partners for the pro-line, point spread and over/under bets is you don't always have to go the multi-match/parlay route. I can't stress that enough. 

Keeping in tune with baseball, let's say you absolutely love the over for a Marlins-Nationals game. That line has been set at 9.5 runs. If you were to place $100, your winnings would be $198, as it has 1.98 odds on Spin Sports. Keep in mind, though, they must score at least 10 runs, otherwise you'd have lost your bet. 


Should you like it get risky and bet on more than one over/under, you absolutely can do this. If you were to add the Tigers and White Sox (9.5 runs) over to your bet and that one hits as well, your $100 wager would then bring you a return of $380. 

Why should you bet with Sport Select online?

Let's face it, the way technology has advanced these days, you can do everything from the comfort of your own home on either your telephone or on a computer. When it comes to sports gambling, the internet and apps have completely changed the game in more ways than one. 

In the good old days, sports fans across the globe would have to travel to different cities/locations to make their bets. Heck, some people would have to get on flights to Las Vegas to put some money down. Obviously, that's no longer the case. 

Online gambling with Sport Select has taken off, but our numerous partners here at Canada Sports Betting make your betting experiences even more easy and provide benefits at the same time. Going into an actual shop to place your bet? No thanks, as that sounds far too time consuming an unnecessary. 

What makes things so easy for you is you're able to put money into your account and keep adding online whether it be with a credit card, debit card or even with bitcoin sports betting.

Have money elsewhere saved and want to transfer it to an online gambling account? Paypal betting also works with a number of our partners.

Another monster example of going the online route are the different online betting bonus offers that are put right in front of you. An example of this would be on Sports Interaction.

For new members, they're offering a 100 percent bonus, up to $200, on your first deposit. So, if you decide to join and put down $200, you'll have an extra $200 coming your way absolutely free. Quite the deal, isn't it? And with gambling in Canadian Provinces online never been made easier, getting free money is an added bonus.

Your options outside of Sport Select

As we've been able to layout for you, your opportunities to gamble outside of Sport Select in Alberta are through the roof. While pro-line, point spread and over/under wagers are fun, the fact that you can't make a move on single games is a major hinderance. 

In addition, if you like those kinds of multi-game bets listed above, you can make the exact same kind of wagers through our partners. 

As we've stated, the more amount of games you package together into your parlay, the higher the payout will be for you. However, if only one game on a certain night happens to strike out to you as a must-wager, then you can go ahead and take that single match on a moneyline, point spread or over/under wager.