Sports Select Betting

The Sport Select method of betting is enormous in Alberta. Featured sports include soccer, hockey, football and both professional and college football and basketball. The betting options are straight Pro Line, OVER/UNDER, Double Play (a combination of both), Point Spread, Pools and Props. Terminals are found in casinos, supermarkets and at convenience stores across the province.

Alternatives To Sport Select Online Betting

Below is a comprehensive list of the very best online sports betting websites that are available to Albertans as an alternative to Sport Select. With no government restrictions bettors can expect much juicier payouts from these popular online sportsbooks.

Review of Sports Select Betting Site

The Western Canada Lottery Commission website is easy to use and helpful to customers. The betting options are exactly the same as they are at the stores. The site is well maintined and up-to-date with a news feed and an FAQ page. Players can also check game lists and results with their smart phone by visiting This service is bound to grow in the future as more people take part in mobile sports betting.

Sports Select Alberta Lotteries

With hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line at any given time tied up in the WCLC’s Sport Select services, there is plenty of chance to win big in Alberta. Pools and Props has been a welcome addition to the service by giving it a boost for customers who were growing tired of the same old lines on the same old games. At least now you can win everyone else’s money – you don’t even have to get everything right anymore, just more right than everyone else. With great availability the service is the staple of the Albertan sports betting scene.

Sports Select Point Spread Odds

Point Spread is hugely popular in Alberta, particularly among those who prefer to bet on the National Football League every week. The NFL lines usually offer good chances to win and with a sharp mind there is plenty of opportunity for sports bettors. Odds will end in .5 to eliminate the possibility of a tie, and there is always a sweet deal for betting on the underdog. If a team is set at -4.5 favorite they must win by five or more points. Lose by four, tie, or lose the game altogether and theunderdog bet comes through.