Alberta Lottery Sports Betting

Alberta is home to over four million people. A large number of those fun-loving folks are huge sports fans and they have certainly had a lot to cheer about over the years. From NHL Stanley Cup Championships captured by the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames, to CFL Grey Cup titles tallied by the Eskimos and Stampeders, often leaders of the pack, Alberta is a decent bet to win any "Province of Champions” debate.

Alberta Sports Betting

Albertans work hard and they love to play hard. Unfortunately, sports betting fans from High Level to Lethbridge get the short end of the stick when it comes to the wagering options offered by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. Betting platforms that are vastly superior to Sports Select Pro Line exist Alberta! The sportsbooks listed below are the cream of the online sports wagering crop.

Game 7 of the MLB World Series is mere minutes from first-pitch and you love the edge that comes with the home team sending their ace out to the mound in this winner take all match. Wanting to wager on the contest, you race over to your local gas station to place your bet. But wait, you can’t bet on the Fall Classic alone – you also have to make at least two selections from the night's NHL or NBA action in order to purchase your ticket. It’s asinine and Pro-Line should change their name to Con-Line. Escape the three-bet parlay jungle, while wagering from anywhere with a mobile device, by registering a personal betting account at any of the top ranked bookmakers on the list above.

Lotteries In Alberta

Considering there are 24 casinos in Alberta, spread across 13 municipalities as of 2016, it’s pretty obvious that Albertans enjoy the thrill of LIVE wagering. Controlled by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission: the Grey Eagle Casino in Calgary is our favorite haunt. Alberta casinos don’t have a physical sportsbook but, it you look long enough, you will find a sports betting lottery kiosk somewhere in the building. It may be better if you don’t find the kiosk though as the Sports Select wagering options are vastly inferior to options available online. Racetracks in Alberta, like Century Downs in Calgary, off-track betting shops, along with gas stations and convenience stores, also offer Sports Select Pro-Line betting kiosks. Unless you enjoy lots of restrictions - don’t go there.

Alberta Lottery - Sports Select Pro-Line

Puzzling to us, there are Albertans that regularly bet on the options offered by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. It is confusing on a lot of different levels as bettors need to travel to place an Alberta Sports Select Pro-Line wager, they have to navigate the three-wager model that adds TIE odds, plus the lines and prices are far from the best available. Those are the cold hard facts though so good luck heading out to make an NFL bet when there's a foot of snow and the temperature is sub-zero. We understand the Government wanting to keep the dollars that are bet on sports within the province - we don't understand how they are allowed to stack the deck so heavily in their own favour with such a slanted betting platform. Turn the odds table back in your direction by opening a betting account at any of the top online bookmakers recommended here at Canada Sports Betting.

*** We feel obligated to advise Alberta bettors about the alternatives to Sports Select. Check out our top ranked online sportsbooks - SportsInteraction is a good starting point.

Best Alternative To Alberta Sports Lottery

Home to the world famous Calgary Stampede, properly billed as the planet's most raucous ten-day party, Albertans love a good celebration. They also love their LIVE sporting events. The Edmonton Oilers and Eskimos, along with the Calgary Flames and Stampeders, are top-level NHL and CFL sports teams in Alberta. The National Lacrosse League (NLL) Western Hockey League (WHL) and Western Major Baseball League (WMBL) are also closely followed by Alberta sports fans. Although they offer limited lines on pro hockey and football action, sports beneath the professional level are not covered by the WCLC betting platform. Great sports fans deserve our free advice on the best alternative to Alberta Sports Lottery options. Online wagering shops, like the ones recommended here at Canada Sports Betting, always offer far more choices - on a much wider scope of leagues.