Alberta Sports Betting

Alberta Sports Betting

Canada’s fourth largest Province, behind Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, Alberta has a population of just over 4 million. As major economic generators, Calgary and Edmonton are major centers located in Alberta. With populations of over one million people each - they are two of the six largest cities in Canada.

Known for their welcoming hospitality, the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains, and the world-famous Calgary Stampede, the provice is also a major player in the Canadian sports betting scene. Though without a NFL, MLB and NBA franchise, the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames are the local based NHL teams and they lead the Alberta sports betting scene.


While Alberta is a great place to live or visit - home based sports handicapping options are limited. Thankfully, via the amazing Canadian sports betting facing sportsbooks recommended here at this website, Albertans have full access to fantastic sports wagering options. Below, we outline Alberta gambling trends.

Brick and mortar sportsbooks are not available in Alberta but Wild Rose Country is home to over 25 land-based Casinos that are licensed by the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) control agency. Government run, the AGLC also controls and licenses the Alberta Pro Select lottery kiosk betting system.

How to Bet on Sports in Alberta?

Although somewhat limited - Albertans do have a mix of betting options when they want to enjoy the entertainment value delivered via a LIVE wagering experience. Casino and Bingo betting are the most prevalent gambling fixes, plus there is a sprinkling of LIVE horse betting action in the province as well.

Rumoured to be part of the Alberta government long-term betting strategy, traditional land-based sportsbooks are still a few years away. Big sports bars, like Schanks Athletic Club in Calgary and The Rec Room in Edmonton are the primary viewing experience when sports fans gather for big events.

Since sportsbooks are not yet part of the wagering scene, if they are looking for home grown betting options, Albertans are forced to turn to Sports Select sports lottery odds. Available at supermarkets, convenience stores and gas stations, sports lottery kiosks are also set up in all of the Alberta casinos.

Founded in 1974, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) operates sports, bingo and lottery betting in Alberta. Available to bettors, who are 18 years old or over, WCLC cards focus on North American big four sports, soccer and golf. Wagering options include Proline, Point Spread, Pool and Props.

Wagers are limited to $100 per ticket and odds stay stagnant once they are listed on daily game cards. Add in a lack of online access and it is easy to see WCLC betting choices pale in comparison to the options offered by the best sports betting sites proudly recommended here at Canada Sports Betting.

Calgary Stampeders

Keeping in line with most things controlled by bureaucrats - bettors get a little short changed when it comes to sports wagering in the Oil and Gas capital of Canada. That is primarily due to the fact that Proline bets require at least three selections on all tickets meaning players are always forced to play parlays.

Sportsbooks Offer Best Alberta Gambling Products

Differences are stark when comparing offshore action to the options offered by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. While players need to be of legal age to play both, an email address, a bank account, plus the ability to move money online, is all that's required to play at the action packed online sportsbooks.

There are subtle differences when it comes to payment methods at lottery kiosks and online vendors. Not having to pull out a credit or debit card each time they bet - online players have access to the best Canadian payment methods. Account funding is quick and secure with just a few simple steps.

Alberta Sports Lottery vs Online Betting debates get very slanted when comparing the options offered by each side. Offshore sportsbook odds lists, including futures and exotic options, far exceed anything Albertans will find on WCLC cards. Plus, many of the matches can be bet on via LIVE in-game odds.

Remember that time you received a $200 free bet at your local lottery kiosk? Oh wait.... that never happens at WCLC retailers as they do not pay sign up bonuses or offer player rewards. Welcome and deposit bonuses, plus seasonal contests and promotions, are paid out to millions of online handicappers every day.

Convenience counts! Why trudge through a foot of snow? All Canadians can bet from the comfort of home once they register an online betting account. Further more, being as offshore wagering shops offer great mobile betting platforms, Canuck 'Cappers can wager when they are out on the fly in the True North.

Best Sportsbooks in Alberta

Knowing the key differences, between sports lotteries in Canadian provinces and online wagering websites, let's dig to the core of online gambling. Being as Albertans have access to poker rooms and casinos, plus limited LIVE horse racing, sportsbooks are where they'll find the most online betting value.

Edmonton Oilers

On the busiest sports day, say the middle of September when the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL are all in action, Albertans can find Pro Select prices on around 80 different contests. Game lists are posted about 12 hours prior to next day matches and, unlike online sportsbooks, lines never move once published.

Scanning betting boards, at Canadian legends Sports Interaction (SIA) and Bodog, shows they pump out 80 matches before lunch time. Exciting bankroll building bets, not offered by WCLC, Albertans can bet on Championship futures odds and props on major sporting events that play out in countries around the world.

National Hockey League Betting

Game 7 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals - Who do you like? While that would be up for some debate, there is no question Albertans should be puck betting online. Covering all Canadian teams, including the Flames and Oilers, pre-match and LIVE in-match NHL betting options are an offshore wagering specialty.

Canadian Football League Betting

Born in Canada, three-down football is covered extensively by top ranked online sportsbooks. Fantastic CFL betting odds are offered all year, including prices on 81 regular season games, four thrilling playoff battles, plus the Grey Cup Championship match. Spin Sports are a top CFL focused online sportsbook.

NFL and NCAAA Football Betting

Online bookmakers step up their game when posting American pro and college football odds. While the WCLC offers a smattering of options, Alberta facing sportsbooks cover every NFL and NCAAF match. Props and exoctic options take center stage when the Super Bowl plays out every February.

Major League Baseball Betting

Betting on Canada's Team the Toronto Blue Jays, and the other 29 Major League Baseball teams, Alberta bettors love their hardball action. Through 162 regular season games, three playoff rounds, and then the MLB World Series, baseball fans across Wild Rose Country can place bets at any time 24 hours per day.

NCAA Basketball and NBA Betting

Did you bet on the Toronto to win the 2019 NBA Finals or Virginia to claim NCAAB March Madness? Unless they had two other contests to complete a three-team parlay ticket - Sports Select bettors were out of luck. Top CSB bookmakers allow single basketball bets with sharp odds and prices.

International Soccer Betting

Offering some soccer, Sports Select falls a few balls short of a full net. No worries eh! Whether it's exciting Canadian Premier League, English Premier League or Major League Soccer action, Alberta bound bettors can wager on every match from the pitch. Follow our links to the best bookmakers.

Betting on Global Sporting Events 

Offshore oddsmakers really shine when it comes to international events as they offered hundreds of markets. For betting on Golf and Tennis Grand Slam events, MotoGP, Formula 1 and NASCAR races, plus events like the Cricket World Cup and UFC cards from around the world - surf to offshore sportsbooks.

edmonton eskimos

Political and Entertainment Betting

Albertans looking for odds on the Grammy and Oscar awards, or wanting to bet on Canada's next Prime Minster, plus a slew of other odds on global politics, can't do it at their local lottery kiosks. CSB bookies cover that though as inovative linemakers offer moneyline odds a variety of non-sports events.

What is Sports Select Proline Alberta Betting?

As part of the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation, Sports Select Proline falls under the Western Canada Lottery Corporation jurisdiction. Sports bettors in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, plus the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, all share the same WCLC sports, casino and lottery products.

Here are the Five Interprovincial Lottery Corporation Members:

  • Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC)
  • Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLGC)
  • Loto-Québec (LQ)
  • Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC)
  • British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC)

Unlike Play Now in British Columbia, and MISE-O-JEU in Quebec, Sports Select is not offered online. Tickets must be purchased at a lottery kiosk at a variety of stores. Lines are posted daily, in Decimal format, and limits are $2 to $100, paid by cash, debit or credit cards. Be prepared to wait in line when buying tickets. 

Proline, plus Point Spread, Props and Pools are the four Sports Select options. Proline is straight up betting with three to six accumulators needed per ticket. Point Spread is ATS odds on parlays of two to twelve picks. Props are head to head player betting and Pools is a $5.00 daily Pick ‘Em group contest.

Not into forced accu wagers?  Singles are available online daily!

Kiosks, found in gas stations, shopping malls and convenience stores, offer tiny areas furnished with selection cards, a printed odds list and pencils. Be warned, the selection cards look like something only IBM Deep Blue could figure out. Marking Sports Select picks is not easy - though online it's a breeze.

Our partners do not offer the exact same product, but players can still get the exact same experience by creating an accumulator at any of the recommended sportsbooks.

What Bets are Available on the Proline Alberta Game List?

Proline betting is parlay betting with a few twists. First players must select three to six games with three different odds choices (H – TIE – V) on each game. Ties differ by sport: Football 3 PTS or less, basketball 5 PTS or less, while a tie in hockey and soccer is games ending knotted after regulation play.

Although the number of betting markets is limited – Proline players can make their selections from each of the different sports leagues available on the daily card. That is similar to cross-sport betting, offered by many online bookmakers, though without a choice of 100+ international markets to select from.

If you are in a pinch, or just love playing high risk accumulators, Proline is a decent lottery sports betting scheme. That said, sportsbooks are powered by mobile technology and available on popular portable devices, so being forced into acca betting is not something Albertans should ever have to do.

Mobile Sports betting is great when out for night at Alberta Casinos:

Calgary Casinos:

  • Casino Calgary
  • Cash Casino Place
  • Century Casino Calgary Inc.
  • Cowboys Casino
  • Deerfoot Inn & Casino
  • Elbow River Casino
  • Grey Eagle Casino (Tsuu T'ina First Nations)

Edmonton Casinos:

  • Casino Edmonton
  • Casino Yellowhead
  • Century Casino
  • Century Mile Racetrack and Casino
  • Grand Villa Casino Edmonton
  • Starlight Casino Edmonton

Rest of Alberta Casinos:

  • Balzac: Century Downs Racetrack and Casino
  • Camrose: Camrose Resort Casino
  • Cold Lake: Casino Dene
  • Enoch: River Cree Resort and Casino
  • Fort McMurray: Boomtown Casino
  • Grande Prairie: Evergreen Park
  • Grande Prairie: Great Northern Casino
  • Lethbridge: Casino Lethbridge
  • Lethbridge: Rocky Mountain Turf Club (Whoop Up Downs)
  • Medicine Hat: Copper Coulee Casino
  • Morley: Stoney Nakoda Resort and Casino
  • Red Deer: Cash Casino
  • Red Deer: Jackpot Casino
  • Red Deer: Century Casino St. Albert
  • Red Deer: Eagle River Casino and Travel Plaza

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Yes. Sports betting in Alberta is a legal pursuit, with several options available for fans who want to place a wager.


    Sport Select is operated by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC), which is partly owned by the Albertan government, providing sports betting in the province.


    Albertans also have the option of signing up with sportsbooks such as Sports Interaction (SIA), which is legally owned and operated in Canada.


    People in Alberta can also choose from a large variety of licensed and regulated online sportsbooks from around the world, such as Betway and Bet365.


    Online sportsbooks tend to have more favorable lines and betting markets compared to government owned bookies, allowing players a better range of opportunities.


    Online sportsbooks have to compete against other sports wagering providers to attract players and retain them as members, while Sport Select doesn’t have a direct rival.


    Competition between businesses typically benefits customers, including the sportsbook industry.

  • The Western Canada Lottery Corporation is responsible for the day to day operations of Sports Select.


    The WCLC was created in 1974 by provincial and territorial governments, including Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.


    Similar to Proline, a sports betting service offered in Ontario, Sport Select generates revenue for the governments that own the service.


    Sport Select provides parley betting options for moneylines, requiring a ticket of at least three games to place a bet.


    In addition to straight up lines, Sport Select has a limited choice of over/unders, point spreads, pools and prop bets. Most major professional sports leagues are available to play, including the NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB.


    Sport Select is available in convenience stores, gas stations and other in-store locations with lottery machines, where you submit your ticket in person.

  • No. Sport Select online is limited to a listing of different games and odds available, but you can’t place your wager over an internet connection.


    The only way to play Sport Select is to visit a location which has a WCLC lottery terminal that accepts bets. If you win, you have to collect your prize in person at the store or with the WCLC office.

  • Bitcoin is not accepted by Sport Select in Alberta for wagering purposes.


    This service only processes wagers in Canadian currency, including cash, debit cards and credit cards.


    However, there are some convenience stores and other small businesses which don’t accept debit cards or credit cards for payment. At these locations, the only option for wagering will be cash.

  • Alberta Sport Select and Paypal do not have an online payment agreement, similar to bitcoin technology.


    As the sports betting landscape changes in North America, payment technology accepted by provincial gaming commissions may catch up to the options provided by traditional sportsbooks.


    Until then, Albertans who wish to access Sport Select will be limited to paying in person at a WCLC terminal location.

  • Sport Select lines are listed in European odds format instead of American odds, using decimals to express the likelihood of the outcome that the player bets on. How odds work differs between these two popular methods of displaying betting lines.


    Sport Select odds will list an outcome with odds of 3.20, and you multiply your wager by that number to calculate the payout for winning that bet.


    Since you’re playing a parley bet, you will have to multiply the odds for each individual wager in order to determine the payout for your wager. As such, the lower the decimal, the smaller the payout.


    For American style odds, each result features a plus or minus sign.


    A team with -125 odds will be considered the favorite over the team with +200 odds. The minus odd indicates that you’ll need to bet $100 to win $125, while the +200 odds show that you’ll earn $200 if you wager $100 and win.

  • Comparing Alberta Sport Select odds is relatively simple, although there’s the twist of having to play a parley wager when considering risk versus reward.


    Essentially, the lowest decimal, for example 1.05, indicates a smaller payout, while a higher decimal, such as 3.40, shows a larger payout.


    Since you must place a parley bet, you’ll need to multiply the three decimals to determine the payoff. Certainly, this increases the potential payout, but the risk of your wager is also multiplied because all three outcomes need to win in order for your wager to be successful.


    This complicates the comparison of odds in terms of selecting the best bets to play.

  • When comparing the odds of two teams, the club with a lower decimal like 1.05 will be the favorite over a competitor with decimal odds of 3.40.


    The bigger the difference between the two decimals, the bigger the perceived mismatch between the two teams.


    When a wager involves three potential results, the outcome with the decimals odd in between the biggest and smallest decimal will be neither the outright favorite or nor the underdog of the match.


    Therefore, this third choice will feature a payout and level of risk somewhere between the most expensive and least expensive options.

  • Straight up bets, referred to as Pro Line bets by Sport Select, are the most popular type of bet on the wagering service. Every game offered by Sport Select will feature a straight up wager, but the same competition might not have an over/under or a point spread.


    It’s important to note that technically, since Sport Select requires a parley on three or more games, every wager placed on the service would normally be called a parley, accumulator or multiplier by sportsbooks.

  • Online sportsbooks must compete with each other, providing the best lines and promotions possible to maintain their current customer base while growing through new memberships.


    As a result, online sportsbooks provide better value than wagering with Sport Select, which doesn’t have a direct competitor in Alberta. The variety of bets available through online sportsbooks are exponentially greater, while Sport Select features a limited range of options.


    Since players must bet on three or more games, Sport Select can’t offer a full range of betting services. The inability to facilitate single game wagers is a disadvantage to sports betting fans, because parleys are far more difficult and unpredictable than betting on a single game.


    Online sportsbooks allow players to access wagering services on mobile, tablets and desktops, wherever an internet connection is available. Sports Select doesn’t have any online betting functionality, which is a customer inconvenience in the digital age.

  • Yes. Online sportsbooks facilitate multiple game betting through parlays. Some sportsbooks refer to parleys as accumulators or multipliers. Since online sportsbooks don’t require a minimum of three games, you have the option of betting on a double.


    Some sportsbooks provide outstanding promotions for parlays, such as betting bonuses that increase your winnings, and promos that allow you to turn a profit even if one of your games loses.


    Sports Select rarely, if ever, offer promos for players.

  • Albertan bettors will find that online sportsbooks feature the best odds for bettors, in the province and across Canada.


    More important, you’re able to bet on single games and have access to a wide range of wagers through sportsbooks, which improves the odds of winning compared to parley requirements.


    Online sportsbooks also offer bonuses, promotions and loyalty programs, further improving the bang for your betting buck.

  • Comparing lines from reputable sportsbooks will help you find the best odds for betting.


    Our sports odds pages provide a chart of odds for the biggest sports events across the globe, including North American odds and international.


    The odds listed are updated directly from sportsbooks, making it easy to quickly find the best odds for the event that you want to bet on. 

  • Yes. The Super Bowl is the biggest annual sports event in the world, and Albertans have the ability to bet on the Super Bowl through online sportsbooks.


    Since the Super Bowl is also the most popular betting event in Canada and the United States, you’ll notice that online sportsbooks have an incredible range of straight up lines, over/unders, props and other special bets for the Super Bowl.


    Sport Select may offer a few options to place a bet on the Super Bowl, but online sportsbooks will provide better value in terms of the odds offered and betting variety, both of which improve the chances of winning your wagers.

  • Canada Sports Betting's sportsbook list includes more than a dozen sportsbooks available for online betting in Alberta. The list includes a preview of bonuses provided by these online wagering providers, which enables a quick comparison of bonuses offered by each site.


    Some sportsbooks feature more promos than others. Nearly all feature a welcome bonus for newcomers. The best sportsbook bonuses include cashback and betting rebates, which provides a bit of a cushion and improves your odds in the long run.


    A few sportsbooks feature an in-depth loyalty program that offers rebates, prizes and access to higher tiers of membership and more valuable rewards.


    No two sportsbooks offer the same set of bonuses and promotions. Visit each site to see the full range of bonuses and promos provided, and pick the site that works best for your betting needs.