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There is so much to play for at the moment, with the LCS heating up in North America, as well as the LPL in the East. But the big event is Worlds 2020, which is coming up later in the year. With the regional qualifiers almost finished up, we look to Worlds. The odds for the Worlds are subject to change and were last updated on August 17, 2020: 

League of Legends Worlds Winners Odds BetWay 10bet Spin Palace Sports

SK Telecom

4.75 4.75 4.75

Fun Plus Phoenix

4.75 4.75 4.75


6.00 6.00 6.00

G2 Esports

7.00 7.00 7.00

Royal Never Give Up

10.00 10.00 10.00


11.00 11.00 11.00


13.00 13.00 13.00

Afreeca Freecs

21.00 21.00 21.00

Edward Gaming

21.00 21.00 21.00


26.00 26.00 26.00
SK Telecom To win Worlds 2020
888 Sport

For new bettors or those just getting into either lol or betting, it can be overwhelming. What sportsbooks are good for betting? Which ones offer the best lol odds? Arguably the most popular of the esports, League of Legends (LoL for short) is also one of the most bet sports and lol betting sites are popping up as fast as fans fill up stadiums to watch tournaments.

Canada Sports Betting answers these questions by providing you access to the top League of Legends betting sites. esports like lol may still not be that mainstream (you hardly hear a peep from the sports networks), but it is extremely popular online. As is online sports betting in Canada.


Sportsbooks are online betting sites. These are websites that offer betting odds for all your favourite sports plus many more. There are hundreds of them and over dozens that cater to Canadians. Online sports betting is rising in popularity and esports is the new frontier for this. 

Since esports like lol are somewhat new, you will find a plethora of markets and betting odds so now is a great time to get your feet by visiting a lol betting website. But first, you'll have to thoroughly understand what you're getting into.


    LoL esports betting odds

    You can find plenty of LoL esports betting odds wherever lol betting website you go to. But the variety and the markets will change depending on the book.

    But like traditional sports, you can find the main three options:

    • Pre-match odds: these are bets you make before the match starts; they usually come in three formats: the spread, outright (moneyline), and totals (over/under).  
    • Live betting: these are bets you make as the match is happening; these odds only open briefly during small windows (either during a break or in between rounds) so get them quickly
    • Futures: these are bets you make with an event that won't take place until much later; sometimes, hypothetical futures bets also open (these are speculative matches or events that may not even happen)

    League of legends betting sites also include prop bets where you can bet on more specific types of wagers such as additional conditions for a winning team (e.g. G2 wins 3-1)

    Where can I bet on League of Legends?

    You can bet on League of Legends in almost every online sportsbook. These books have been in business for decades, but despite their age, they are constantly up to date with the latest trends in both sports betting and sports. And this includes esports wagering

    Major sportsbooks have started to open up on esports betting and League of Legends is among their main fixtures. These lol betting sites function much like every sportsbook and they offer the betting site staples: variable odds and markets, sign-up offers and promotions, and betting capabilities in both desktop and mobile platforms.

    lol betting sites

    Among the top sportsbooks include Bodog, one of the Canadian online betting staples. They constantly update the site and have a nifty mobile betting app. And they are one of a few sites that accept bitcoin.

    Betway is another popular sportsbook that offers esports betting. It has a more extensive selection for League of Legends and covers almost every lol event, especially the major tournaments. 

    Bet365, one of the most prolific sports betting sites also has plenty of lol to bet on. They usually offer the most markets and constantly have odds available for League of Legends.

    What are the types of League of Legends bets?

    As with most esports, a lol betting website will open multiple markets depending on the event. As with Bet 365, these are some of their more popular markets:


    These are alternative odds to what is usually offered in traditional pre-match odds (the ones that most books coincide on). You can adjust betting lines, bet on a more specific map score, or find lines that are just a bit different than the usual.


    Odds offered on the different maps for lol; these can be classified under "prop" bets, side wagers you make that deal with specific conditions concerning teams and/or players.

    Some of the more popular conditions include "Kills" handicaps (if a team kills above or below a number), which team destroys the "First Tower" or the "Total Towers Destroyed". Find more at the Bet 365 site.


    Also considered a prop or a future, this is when you bet on an outcome concerning the tournament itself; a popular tournament prop is the "Finals MVP winner". 

    lol betting website

    Usually, you'll need to be familiar with the pre-match odds as these are the most common odds offered by sportsbooks. Pre-match odds come in three main formats: 


    You bet on a team with a round handicap (e.g. -1.5 or +1.5); this is either subtracted or added from their actual result and a winning bet means the team won after addition or subtraction. 

    e.g. If G2 has a -1.5 handicap, it means 1.5 will be subtracted from their total rounds won. They need to win two or more rounds to cash a bet as winning only one round (1 - 1.5) will result in a negative result. Alternatively, if they have a +1.5 handicap, it means they can win a minimum of one round and still cash as (1 + 1.5) goes over two


    You straight bet a team to win the match as opposed to having handicaps like the spread. In this case, you will want to know what the favourite (a minus number) and the underdog (a plus number) mean.

    Odds like -150 or +125 are moneyline odds. A minus number means you bet that much to win $100, so -150 means you bet $150 to win $100. A plus number indicates what you win when betting $100. So +125 indicates you win $125 when betting $100.

    Alternatively, these moneyline odds also manifest as decimal odds (what are mainly used in Canada). They are easier to calculate (multiply the odds by your wager - e.g. 2.50 x $100 = $250)


    You bet whether the total maps between both teams go over or under the predicted total (also known as over/unders). You add the maps won between both teams. This is usually determined by how many matches they play. The more they play, the more likely the over hits, and vice versa when they play less. 

    But not all odds are pre-match. There are also live betting and futures odds that some lol betting sites open. With sites like Bet 365, they are laid out in their category format as listed above. Some sites have it displayed differently. 

    You can bet on any of them either way. Just be familiar with how they work.

    Best League of Legends betting sites

    To find the best League of Legends betting sites, you'll need to go through the best betting websites in Canada. We mentioned a few earlier, you can start there.

    When going through the sportsbooks, you'll need to keep in mind some key questions:

    • Markets and Odds: which sites offer the most markets and the best odds? Some sites offer plenty of markets and reasonable odds; you will want to zone in on books that offer extensive markets as they are usually a market leader when it comes to lol or esports
    • Sign-up offers and promotions: which books offer the best sign-up offers and promotions? Most books will reward you with free bets up to a certain amount of deposit while others may even offer a no-deposit bonus. Other books also offer promotions rewarding you with free bets exclusively for esports. 
    • Deposit methods: which sites offer the most ways to deposit money? Some sites accept a wide array of deposit methods. Be sure to check if the site accepts the form of deposit you are most comfortable with.

    league of legends betting site

    To compare the books, you can open each of them in different tabs or you can read our reviews as we rate them based on those major factors.

    Where can I bet on League of Legends with Paypal?

    Once you've found your lol betting sites, you'll need to learn how you can make deposits. You can check if sites accept PayPal. This nifty table outlines which sites accept which forms of payment. A good amount of them does accept PayPal. 

    Unfortunately, there is an agreement in place between PayPal and the Canadian government that prevents Canadians from using PayPal to make deposits to betting websites, even if the sites accept PayPal as a form of payment. 

    The workaround to this is to use PayPal to deposit to a third-party site, which faces no restrictions. However, some of these sites will charge you fees for depositing and withdrawing. In that table we linked, you can check many of the third-party depositing sites and compare which ones offer the best deals.