Western Union Betting Sites in Canada


You can find an extensive list of betting sits accepting Western Union below. Most of the sportsbooks listed offer very lucrative bonuses to first-time bettors, and are recognized as some of the better options out there for Canadian bettors.

  • High Limits for big bankroll bettors
  • Locations worldwide as a reputable company
  • Multiple funding methods to suit individual needs

Western Union has been around for over 150 years and has offices in nearly every major city throughout the world. Their money transfer system is highly regarded in the online gaming industry and is a favourite deposit method of many bettors in Canada and elsewhere.

Finding Western Union sites in Canada isn't too hard for bettors looking to get action down on a new or different sportsbook. Given the security and high success rate of deposits via Western Union transfers, plenty of sportsbooks offer this option to current and prospective bettors at their book. 

Western Union Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

If you are looking to get in on the action and deposit at a sportsbook that accepts Western Union transfers, you do have to plan ahead. Depositing via this method is a multi-stage process that does take some time (a downside of this method), but knowing that your funds will arrive at the sportsbook successfully alleviates the negative aspect of the time involved.

To begin this process, you'll need to go through all the required sign-up info at the specific sportsbook you are looking to wager at. This process doesn't take long at all with your information and an e-mail verification step at the end. There will be no financial transactions at this step, but to use Western Union as your deposit method, you will have to have a current account first.

Once that is completed, the support staff at a said sportsbook can walk you through the next steps for getting a Western Union transfer done. Obviously there are some concerns as to the legitimacy of the person receiving the funds, but the sportsbook sets all this up on your behalf and gives you that information. There are some fraudulent sites out there with this method, so it is critical that if Western Union is the route you are taking, that you stick to the sportsbooks listed above.

Going to your local Western Union branch and completing the transfer is the next step, and with offices all over the world in nearly every major city, finding one shouldn't be too difficult. From there, it should be just a couple of hours (at best) to get your money into the sports betting account and into the action 

While it may seem like a tedious process compared to other deposit methods, when everything goes smoothly with Western Union transfers the process is one of the best out there. Large sums of money can be transferred to your betting account in a matter of hours, and the company stakes its reputation on each transfer.