Trustly Betting Sites


Trustly was founded in 2008 and is still growing its base of betting sites. This Swedish financial technology company allows you to transfer funds from your bank account to various online sites. It comes with bank-level security and requires no app, nor card. This makes it a sleek and simple option.

  • Fast Withdrawal Processing
  • Sophisticated Digital Security
  • No App or Card Needed

Trustly is special in how quickly it processes deposits into your account. Trustly bears the risk of fraud, so you can start using your funds as soon as the betting sites process your winnings. If you value speed, this is a great option for you!

Trustly provides its services through Paypal and Transferwise. Like its partners, Trustly is accepted by relatively few betting sites. If you do not find your preferred betting site here, you check out the other payment options.

Certainly one of them will work well for you!

Best Trustly Bookmakers

These are the best Trustly bookmakers out there. We only recommend the best here at Canada Sports Betting, so if the bookie is on this list, you know it’s great, and you know you can use Trsutly there.

Trustly has been able to get a foot in the gambling site world by offering something new. They move money directly from your bank account, and they cover any fraud that might happen along the way.

These things make Trsutly safer and faster than many of its competitors. Trustly is growing.

Disadvantage of Trustly

Trustly is solid if you want to use it in one of the few sportsbooks that accept it as a payment method.

But for the serious bettors, we like to have more than one sportsbook. This helps us compare betting opportunities to make sure we are getting the best deal out there.

Trustly is not your best tool for doing this.

Another disadvantage is that it is not available as a payout method. While some sites will allow you to deposit, you will have to use another method for withdrawing your winnings.

The good news is that almost all betting sites will allow direct deposits into your banking account. Because you need this to use Trsutly, this will be an option for you.

How to Use Trustly at Gambling Sites

It’s easier than you think to use Trustly at gambling sites. After you have decided how much you want to deposit, go to the drop-down menu and select Trustly from the options.

From there you sign in to your bank account directly. Then you select which account you want to use to make your deposit. And you are done.

That’s right! You do not need any extra accounts with Trustly. No signing up, no remembering (or forgetting) your password again.

That’s what makes this payment method so convenient. You just use your bank information.

You can even use Trustly to add funds to other e-wallets or vouchers. So if you want to load funds to another payment system that you could use in more sites, Trustly can help you with that too.

It’s very versatile.

It is Safe to Bet with Trustly

Yes, it is very safe to bet with Trustly. It is one of the more secure payment methods available.

That is because it is not an e-wallet or anywhere else you might store your money. It is simply a connector between your bank and your favourite sportsbook.

This means that your personal information is stored in one less database.

Plus Trustly guarantees all transactions in case of fraud. So no worries! This Swedish tech company has you covered on all fronts.

Trustly Welcome Bonuses

All betting sites, whether big or small, will offer welcome bonuses. Loyalty is big for online bookies, so they are eager to attract new players. It’s a good idea to take advantage of as many of these as you can.

Every time you make an account, you get a bonus. Keep the winning up!

While these welcome bonuses are everywhere, our recommended sites do not offer any Trustly-specific welcome bonuses.

That being said, you can still take advantage of all the welcome bonuses with any deposit method. If they accept trustly, they will have Trustly welcome bonuses.

Trustly Betting Apps

Wherever Trustly is accepted on the desktop version of the online sportsbook, the mobile version will accept it too.

All of our partners have great sites, optimized for mobile betting experience. Whether you use iOS or Android, smartphone or tablet.

Just open your browser, visit Canada Sports Betting, click on the bookie, and sign in to your account. You can use the same login information.

There is nothing to download when you gamble with Trustly on the go. Nothing to take up space on your home screen or suck up memory that you could use for pictures or music.

Trustly, without needing an account, is an especially agile mobile gaming experience.