Moneta Sites in Canada

moneta users can find a list of betting sites accepting Moneta below. The chart lists some highly reputable sportsbooks that offer this funding method and what kind of deposit bonuses or promotional programs bettors can expect to see at said sportsbooks.  

  • Backed by major Russian banks
  • Safe transactions through one secure account
  • Tremendous ties to online gaming industry

Moneta is an online funding method based in Russia as has become one of the better banking methods specific to online sports betting. Moneta's system allows users from all over the world to fund their betting bankrolls at sportsbooks through the service, and Moneta's ties with some of the biggest sites in the globe ensures that users will have access to their funds quickly.

With the ability to put funds in your Moneta account in either USD or EUR currencies, this banking method has gone global. Finding Moneta sites in Canada is possible, but having an account at a Russian bank account is typically the best way to go about using this service.

Moneta Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

Moneta is considered the most popular online payment system in Russia and really filled a void in juristictions that PayPal restricted for online gaming a few years back. It works in similar fashion to PayPal for those that are familiar with that service, and with the backing of many major Russian banks, security it of the highest priority with Moneta transactions.

Like PayPal, bettors using Moneta as their banking method can use it for both deposits and withdrawals and that's typically a key feature online sports bettors look for. Having all your money run through one method allows for ease of use and enables bettors to focus on more important things like picking winners. Automatically exchanging currencies is another strong feature of the Moneta program.

One knock on Moneta is the higher fees they charge to process transactions relative to other similar banking methods. Seasoned bettors know that higher fees will always cut into profit margins and that is something to seriously consider if you have decided on using Moneta as your online banking method for betting.

However, with much of Moneta's focus being on the online gaming industry and ensuring transactions within that field run smoothly, bettors can firmly trust Moneta for all their sports betting financial needs.