Mister Cash Sites in Canada


Below you will see a list of betting sites accepting Mister Cash deposits and the bulk of them will be European based. This is not to deter Canadian bettors from using these sites, just that as a European-based funding method, Canadians will likely have to use alternative funding methods than Mister Cash to play at these reputable sportsbooks.

  • Worldwide credibility (MasterCard partnership)
  • Three-step security procedure promotes accuracy
  • Popular among Belgian bank account owners

Mister Cash is one of the preferred banking methods in Belgium as it's amalgamated with major international credit card company Master Card to broaden it's reach. Originally developed by Bancontact in the last 1970's, Mister Cash is a debit/credit card that is issued to individuals with a Belgian bank account. Many shops throughout the country only offer card transactions through Mister Cash, as it's a must have for any Belgian national.

Canadian sports bettors aren't likely to use this method of deposit unless they have ties to Belgium, and that makes finding Mister Cash sites in Canada tough. Yet, with its ties to the MasterCard program, Canadian bettors should be familiar with the gist of how Mister Cash cards work.

Mister Cash Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

Similar to other funding methods set up in foreign countries, the inability to “chargeback” can create headaches for bettors using the Mister Cash method. Simply put, no chargeback feature means bettors will have to set up alternative withdrawal methods to cash out their winnings from the sportsbook. That's not necessarily a huge problem, but using two different banking methods means more sensitive information out there and more processes to go through to get your money.

Depositing through Mister Cash is a quality option though as it's three-step security system ensures all the information required and processed is accurate. It's association with MasterCard helps to insure that high level of protection on all transactions.

As mentioned earlier, Canadians will need a Belgian bank account to even consider using Mister Cash as an option and that's likely not applicable to the majority of Canadian sports bettors.