Jcb Betting Sites in Canada


There are no betting sites accepting JCB funding methods for Canadians at the moment. If you are really set on using this method as your bankroll funding process, there are a few scenarios that may apply to your personal situation that will be outlined later and availble at the sportsbooks listed below.

  • High limits with minimal service charges
  • Has similar benefits to Discover Card holders
  • Worldwide popularity growing each year

Finding JCB sites in Canada for sportsbooks is tough because there aren't any out there as of yet, but being a part of the Discover Card umbrella means that it will be sooner or later that sports bettors in Canada will have this as a deposit option.

JCB credit cards are issued from the Japan Credit Bureau and have expanded exponentially in recent years. Started in 1961, the JCB card is mainly found and issued to people of various Asian countries and European nations, but recent expansion to the US, means a shift to Canada isn't far off.

JCB Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

When JCB partnered with the Discover Network in 2006 it took a few years (2011) to become fully optional in a handful of US States. Residents of California, Illinois, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington are currently the only states issuing JCB cards to residents, but as any seasoned sports bettor can see from that list, many of those states are quite forward thinking on sports betting issues.

Canadian banking regulations have their own rules and regulations, but when the US makes these types of deals with foreign countries, Canada isn't too far behind.

Obviously, Canadians with a dual citizenship with the US and an established residence in one of those states mentioned above could apply for a JCB card and use it at the list of sportsbooks above, but that's not an option for the majority of Canadian sports bettors. However, with Discover Cards being more readily accepted in the country and JCB under that umbrella, JCB credit cards will be coming to Canada before you know it.

JCB funding methods are attractive to bettors in other regions because of their high limits and low service fees. With the popularity of this card growing worldwide with its connection to the Descover Card Network, Canadians bettors should see this method available to them soon. With that time being unknown though, Canadians still have plenty of other strong deposit/withdrawal options available to them at those previously mentioned sportsbooks.