Giropay Sites in Canada


Bettors can find a list of betting sites accepting GiroPay below. The list contains some of the better sportsbooks out there for bettors to use to get in on the action. Whether it be a vast amount of betting options, high bonuses, or valuable VIP programs, these are the sportsbooks GiroPay users should seriously consider.

  • No fees on deposits
  • No personal financial information is shared
  • Secure and instant transactions

Since coming into existence in 2006, GiroPay has become an increasingly popular online payment method based out of Germany. That popularity has grown to sportsbooks as well with many of them accepting GiroPay has a funding method either through the site directly who with their recent connections to other e-wallets in Skrill and Paypal.

Given that GiroPay operates through German bank accounts, Canadian sports bettors will either need to already have a German account or set one up there should they be travelling or living abroad. If that's the case, you should know that there are a few GiroPay sites in Canada that bettors can use if this is the funding method of their choice.

Giropay Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

GiroPay is similar to other e-wallet programs in that it acts as a “middle-man” between the bettor and sportsbook, enabling them to make secure payments online without exposing credit card or banking details online to the actual sportsbook. Depositing money into GiroPay is an easy and fast process, meaning those that do have a German bank account that is set up for online banking can get in on the action quickly through the GiroPay method.

The entire GiroPay depositing process is so easy that it takes a matter of minutes to get funds from your bank account to the sportsbook. Users simply need a bank account that's able to use a PIN and TAN (transaction authentication number) and will be prompted through all the necessary steps when making a deposit at the sportsbook.

These steps include getting redirected to GiroPay's website, selecting their individual bank, and plugging in the details – ie PIN and TAN numbers. Payments are processed instantly and bettors will have their newly deposited fund available to bet with right away.

Obviously the major drawback for Canadian bettors right now is the fact that GiroPay operates on German bank accounts. That could change in the future given GiroPay's connections with Skrill and PayPal, but for now all the benefits of using GiroPay – no fees for customers, and secure, instant deposits – can only be used by those with a German account.