Ezvouchers Betting Sites in Canada


Globally, there are plenty of betting sites accepting EZ Vouchers, but it's up to you to do the research to ensure that they are reputable and can process your deposits and withdrawals.

  • No fees when using vouchers
  • Secure online payment strategy
  • Free to sign up

EZ Voucher is similar to an online gift card that users purchase through a variety of methods to fund their sportsbook accounts. Now know as PasteandPay, EZ Voucher is a secure and user-friendly funding method that eliminates the possibility of credit card transactions getting declined. Bettors simply have to use that same credit card to fund their EZ Voucher and then redeem that voucher at their favourite sportsbook to get back wagering.

EZ Voucher sites in Canada are a little tougher to find as it's a payment program that really caters to US bettors trying to deposit funds after the laws and regulations that the country put into place in the mid-2000s made online betting tougher for Americans.

EZvouchers Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

Yet, if you are curious as to how the EZ Voucher system works, it is really simple when it comes down to it. Upon logging into your sportsbook account and looking to deposit via this method, you will be directed to a data entry screen to fill in your details.

The entire process can be completed in a manner of minutes, meaning that it's one of the faster processing options out there. Bettors can get their money online in no time and begin the more important process of handicapping games and selecting which sides they'll be backing that night.

Security is not something one has to be concerned with when using EZ Vouchers as it protects all your payment information under superb encryption. However, with its existence being rather limited to Canadian sports bettors, there might be other funding methods you may prefer to use that are very similar to this voucher-related process.