Ecocard Sites in Canada


Below you will see a list of betting sites accepting EcoCard as a payment option, and you can scroll through the list to determine which sportsbook suits your needs. These sportsbooks have been dealing with EcoCard has a funding method for years and have well-respected reputations.

  • Free to create an account
  • Lowest fees around, including no annual fee
  • Safe and secure

EcoCard has recently become Ecopayz, but the safe, secure, and fast online transaction methods have remained the same. This is one of the better deposit methods available to Canadian bettors as it's experience and expertise in the online payment method is hard to match.

EcoCard allows you to fund your sportsbook account by passing along all your information to that sportsbook for a quick and simple transaction. With the Ecocard having properties of an e-wallet and a pre-paid credit card, it is one of the preferred funding methods for bettors all over the world. There are plenty of EcoCard sites in Canada available to bettors and we will be getting more into those below.

EcoCard Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

Setting up an EcoCard account is easy as you simply have to apply for one through their website with no credit check or bank account needed. The global properties of the EcoCard – use it around the world wherever MasterCard is accepted – make it one of the better methods out there, especially if you are looking for something to not only fund your sports betting accounts but also take on vacations/travelling and spend your cash without any hassles. 

Referencing sportsbooks deposits more specifically, EcoCard deposit options are available at numerous shops and this method lets you deposit and withdraw via the same card. Often times beginner sports bettors get into the action by depositing via credit cards and don't realize that when it's time to withdraw, they've got to set up another form of banking to get their money. EcoCard eliminates those headaches and enables bettors to go through the entire funding and withdrawal process in a safe and secure manner.

Transfers are typically available to the bettor almost immediately and this is another reason why bettors who use EcoCard currently, will continue to do so in the future. They've got some of the lowest fees around in terms of overall payment processing, and while there is a withdrawal fee when you want to get some of your EcoCard money in hand, it's a small flat fee for no matter how big the withdrawal is.