E-Payment Standard Sites in Canada


There are numerous betting sites accepting EPS as a funding method for your sports betting pleasure, but again, unless you already meet the prerequisites of having a bank account in Austria, this is one of those funding methods that is better being overlooked as a Canadian bettor.

  • Security backed by the Austrian Government
  • Extremely fast transfer times
  • Simple deposit and withdrawal process

In 2013, a large group of major Austrian banks joined together to develop a strong online payment system for their customers. The result of that amalgamation was e-Payment Standard and it now services more than 1000 online shops for its users. E-Payment Standard has grown quite a bit in its short existence and gave people with Austrian bank accounts the opportunity to fund various online shopping and gaming interests through their local currency and fees.

Now, while e-Payment standard has experienced success within the Austrian culture, it hasn't transformed into a global payment plan and that doesn't do much for Canadian sports bettors. You'll have to have an existing bank account at one of 24+ Austrian Banking institutions to even consider searching for E-Payment Standard sites in Canada. 

E-Payment Standard Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

If you are curious about the process behind E-Payment Standard's methods, it is similar to any other digital money transfers through banking institutions. Bettors can set up their account (at the sportsbook and E-Payment Standard) and directly deposits funds from one to the other. It works the same way for withdrawals from the sportsbook, and once the funds are verified by either end, which is usually a matter of minutes, your funds are ready to bet with.

The key feature of E-Payment Standard is the quick transfer time to and from your betting account. It also gives bettors the ability to get winnings deposited directly into their bank account, eliminating a third party and all the potential fees that go along with those processes.

However, as a primarily Austrian form of payment, Canadian bettors are better off looking elsewhere for a strong sportsbook funding method that suits their needs.