Dogecoin Deposit Methods in Canada


Dogecoin is another in a long line of cryptocurrencies that are becoming the staple choice for depositing into online sportsbooks worldwide, notably Dogecoin deposit methods in Canada. Dogecoin was launched back in 2013 and is a partner of Litecoin, which is becoming one of the major players in the cryptocurrency industry.

  • Very low fees
  • Anonymity guaranteed
  • No maximum supply on Dogecoins
  • NEGATIVE: Volatile cryptocurrency market

But, what is Dogecoin? Well, we’ll break down the benefits to users of depositing with Dogecoin and show you the top-rated providers from our recommended sportsbook guide. As well as going into detail about the best sports betting sites, we’ll also detail withdrawals, bonuses and the process of depositing.

How does Dogecoin work?

Dogecoin function likes many of the other cryptocurrencies out there, much like the widely-recognized currency Bitcoin. Though there are some minor differences, for the most part, the concept of payment is the same; through a user-to-user via the Dogecoin peer-to-peer interface.

Now before you start using Dogecoin, you must sign up for an e-wallet with one of the various online providers available. E-wallets can be accessed via mobile, on a computer or hardware wallets, whichever method you choose it is essential for depositing with Dogecoin.

Once you have your e-wallet, you can your Dogecoin. Users can access Dogecoin via a variety of crypto exchange platforms. Now once you have your Dogecoins in your wallet you can deposit with the chosen provider and start playing the markets!

Dogecoin Deposit bonuses

Depositing with cryptocurrencies has become a very popular choice among bettors for its ease of access, anonymity and it’s great deposit bonuses. Like many other cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin deposit bonuses offer high rates with all sportsbooks that accept it.

It’s difficult to give an exact figure for Dogecoin deposit bonuses, as it varies so much from one sportsbook to the next and it’s often based on the number of funds the user is depositing.

Generally speaking, the welcome bonuses can vary anywhere between 100% up to $100 and up to $5000. Moreover, one of the great things about Dogecoin is the extremely low fees, to the point that they are almost unnoticeable.

One downside to Dogecoin deposits is the long transaction times. While normally this isn’t a feature of cryptocurrencies, unfortunately, Dogecoin deposits can take over 24 hours on occasion. This makes it a less-popular payment method with major sportsbooks right now. But, the future is bright for Dogecoin as they are still very young.

Dogecoin Withdrawals

So, once you’ve hit it big on your favourite sports betting odds, you’ll want to withdraw the money. It’s uncommon for sportsbooks not to offer withdrawals if they are providing Dogecoin as a deposit method.

Withdrawal fees are a customary feature of online sportsbooks. However, Dogecoin is offered with great rates at many of the major sportsbooks that offer it. Dogecoin fees can be as little as 0.004 Bitcoin (BTC) per withdrawal transaction.