Discover Card Betting Sites in Canada


With the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act passing in the US, Discover Card sportsbook options took a significant hit. However, even with that “hit” the amount of betting sites accepting Discover Card still remains plentiful. Below you will find a list of sportsbooks that currently still offer this deposit method.

  • Cash Back on every deposit made
  • Fast deposit times with minimal fees
  • Higher limits available to those looking for them
  • Process Time: Immediate
  • Min deposit: 2000$
  • Max deposit: 500$
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  • Process Time: Immediate
  • Min deposit: 20$
  • Max deposit: 5,000$

Since being introduced to customers worldwide in 1985, the Discover credit card has been welcomed by consumers and merchants everywhere. This acceptance has moved into the world of online sports betting as Discover Card deposit options are offered at plenty of sportsbooks everywhere. With minimal fees on transactions and higher limits afforded to their customers, using Discover to fund one's sports betting account is a quick and easy way to get back in on the action.

Discover Card Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

The biggest plus about using a Discover Card to deposit in Canadian sportsbooks is the fact that they do not always have the same hassles that other credit cards issued from major banks do. It's not uncommon to see major credit card transactions get declined for online gaming purposes because banks are following suit from that 2006 Act, and Discover Cards do not always have that concern. Things have been getting tougher for Discover Card users, but there shouldn't be too many concerns when using the sportsbooks listed above.

Two of the bigger reasons why some bettors prefer using the Discover Card is for their cashback offer and higher limits. Some bettors prefer to start with a large bankroll and wager 1-2% of that roll on a bet, and often times one needs a decent starting bankroll to do that. The higher limits offered by Discover Cards enable that to happen.

Secondly, the cashback offer of 5% on various categories of eligible purchases and 1% cash back for everything else makes using this card quite attractive.

Finally, there are some pitfalls in using a Discover Card at online sportsbooks with the most notable being it's starting to become less and less of an option at sportsbooks. Furthermore, withdrawing is not possible using only this banking method and bettors will have to set up and/or establish another transaction form to collect their winnings.