Diners Club Betting Sites in Canada


Below you will find a list of betting sites accepting Diners Club credit cards for all your deposit and withdrawal needs. The list is far from extensive in that there are hundreds of sportsbooks accepting this method of payment, these books below are some of the better ones out there and offer lucrative first deposit bonuses.

  • Real-time deposits to sportsbooks
  • Worldwide operations from a historic brand
  • Great customer service and rewards program
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  • Process Time: Immediate
  • Min deposit: 20$
  • Max deposit: 5,000$

Having been created in 1950 and thoroughly established throughout that decade, Diners Club credit cards are one of the oldest credit cards out there. Even after others like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express came along to challenge and ultimately surpass Diners Club, the latter has stuck around all these years and still caters to millions of clients worldwide. The card is accepted in over 200 countries and in 70 different currencies.

With its global acceptance, bettors don't have to look too hard to find Diners Club sites in Canada. Mergers with the Discover Network and later MasterCard, Diners Club deposit options are available at numerous sportsbooks everywhere that cater to Canadian sports bettors.

Diners Club Online Race & Sportsbook Handicapping Sites

Since Diners Club cards are now accepted through the MasterCard network in North America, bettors can use this card to fund their sports betting hobby and/or profession. Diners Club does have more of an entertainment focus in that using it to deposit at sports gaming sites won't throw up as many red flags as some other credit cards do.

That being said, depending on which bank your Diners Club card is affiliated with, there still might be some instances when transactions are declined on the grounds of being related to “gaming purposes.” Those occurrences are few and far between though as MasterCard has recently established itself as the preferred credit card for online gaming transactions and anything under their umbrella follows suit.

No matter what sport or event you prefer wagering on, Diners Club credit cards will always be there to help you get in the game. Its history as one of the oldest credit cards around lends itself to being accepted worldwide and catering to clients' needs and desires. While there are some minor issues involving potential declined deposits and transaction fees, if depositing via the Diners Club method is your preferred choice, there are plenty of Canadian sportsbooks out there that will get you in the game.

Diners Club Deposits

Diners Club is a prestigious brand that has been operating since the ‘50s, as such, they boast a number of features that aren’t available through other depositing methods. Despite this, like with the vast majority of sportsbooks, the minimum and maximum deposits vary from one provider to the next. If you deposit with PartyBets.com, they allow deposits of $10 or more, with bonuses going up to $500.

The reputation of the Diners Club means lot’s of sportsbooks hold specific deals, offering customers deals exclusive to Diners Club members. Any kind of exclusive card will always offer additional bonuses, whether it’s for sportsbooks or Air Miles.

One of the drawbacks of using Diners Club is that the service is not utilized by every online sportsbook. However, the vast majority do allow deposits and withdrawals, customers should be aware you cannot rely on the service working with any selected sportsbook, as you may find with Mastercard or Visa. We’ve made a comprehensive list above of all the sportsbooks that are accepting Diners Club cards.

If you don’t have a Diners Club card, it’s worth applying for one. Though be aware, not everyone will be accepted. They have a list of requirements that must be met. If you’re curious go onto their website and apply today!

Diners Club Withdrawals

Similarly to Diners Club deposit methods, the values vary depending on the sportsbook you choose to use. Withdrawals to Diners Club cards are commonplace, but the minimum value customers can deposit from sportsbooks is often down to the sportsbook, rather than the service provider.

Withdrawals using a Diners Club card won’t charge any additional fees, beyond what the sportsbooks charge.

Diners Club Bonuses

There is a $300 annual fee associated with holding a Diners Club card. This fee is high because there are numerous perks to take advantage of as a Diners Club member.

Take Betonline.ag for example, they offer a signup bonus of 50% up to $1000 on deposits made using a Diners Club card.

Betway offers a 100% bonus of up to $250 on deposits.

As you can see, there are several sportsbooks offering great bonuses to Diners Club customers. It’s also worth noting, that Diners Club is known for its incredible customer service and rewards program (connections with Air Miles, among other companies), thus making sure you are always taken care of with this charge card.