MLS Eastern Conference Scores And Standings

When you need to get the latest on the MLS eastern conference standings, you’ll be able to find them on this part of the page. We update these numbers after the completion of each game, including vital offensive and defensive stats.


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Out of all the teams in the MLS eastern conference, D.C. United has earned the top record a total of six times, also winning the conference championship five times – tied with the New England Revolution for most in this category. D.C. United has also taken home a total of four supporters shields. Most of this success took place during the early years of the MLS, with the most recent dominant force in the east being the New York Red Bulls, who have earned MLS Supporters’ Shields in 2013 and 2015.

Oddly enough, the trend for the MLS eastern conference tends to be the team that finishes the best in the regular season has trouble following through on the promise of a solid campaign. The Columbus Crew SC was the last eastern conference team to earn an MLS Cup after finishing atop the east. In fact, since the year 2000, only three teams leading the eastern conference at the end of the regular season have made the MLS Cup final. During this time, only three eastern conference teams have won the MLS Cup, with the most recent winner being Sporting Kansas City – a team that migrated back to the western conference the next year. 

For the most part, the eastern conference tends to underperform on a regular basis compared to the western conference, which has developed superior sides that have earned far better results throughout the history of the MLS - especially after the first waves of expansion grew the league. Perhaps most telling about the east is the fact that four teams – nearly half of the entire conference – has never won a single playoff game. As the east grows and recent expansion teams manage to earn success, they will begin to challenge the west on a more consistent basis.