MLS Scores And Standings

This set of interactive MLS standings allows you to remain updated on the position of all teams. In addition to conference standings, you’ll also be able to compare goals scored and allowed for each team, which can come in handy when you’re doing an over/under bet as a side wager.


Bet On MLS Games

Soccer wagering offers a departure from other sports betting, such as NHL Hockey or NBA Basketball. In addition to choosing the moneyline for either team, Canadian sports bettors can also put down on the possibility the game ends in a Draw. The Point handicap rarely goes above a goal or two, while totals are relatively low, as with all soccer wagering. [+]

Where MLS differs from other soccer leagues is routinely in the game tally. Whether it’s due to lackluster defense, or a surplus of talented strikers, MLS games regularly feature combined totals of at least 3 goals. It’s not unheard of for a game to have total scores of even 5 or 6. No matter how you feel about high soccer scores, there’s little doubt that MLS online wagering can be a thrilling proposition.

Major League Soccer Online Championship Wagering

10 Major League Soccer teams compete for the MLS Cup. This differs greatly from European soccer leagues, where the Champion is crowned by having the most season points. Five teams from the Eastern and Western Conference compete for the grand prize through two games (one home and one away), first through the Conference Semifinals, then the Conference Championships before competing for the grand prize.

Wagering on the MLS Championship Playoffs offers twice the betting potential of traditional “one and done” playoff formats. Canadian online sports bettors will want to pay close attention to the Total Goals wager, and look for high payouts for playoff parlays. MLS wagering may be the newest soccer league, but with goals galore and some big differences over their European counterparts, Canadian gamblers will like our homegrown product on the pitch.

During the short history of the MLS, teams from the western conference have dominated the top of the rankings, especially after D.C. United finished running the table during the early years of the MLS. Nearly 75% of all MLS Cups are won by western conference teams, with the most successful side being the L.A. Galaxy. They’ve appeared in nearly half of all MLS finals, winning five of them, including three between 2011 and 2014.

The eastern conference features long suffering teams such as Toronto FC and the New England Revolution. Unfortunately for New England Revolution fans, the team is known as the “Buffalo Bills” of the MLS, losing three consecutive finals and all four of their MLS Cup appearances. The most successful team during the history of the east has been D.C. United, although they haven’t won a cup in quite a while.

It can be argued that the MLS solidified their future when they adopted the designated player rule, which allowed international stars to join teams, such as David Beckham and Thierry Henry. This lead directly to the L.A. Galaxy dynasty, which was supported by a combination of international stars and homegrown talent. The revitalization of Toronto FC was also fueled by the designated player trend, leading to the first Canadian team to make the MLS Cup in 2016.

MLS playoff format allows six teams to enter the post season after the regular campaign has completed. Seeds three to six play a knockout game to determine who plays the top two seeds in each conference. For the semi-finals and conference finals, the teams play two legs, with the winner determined by aggregate scoring. Once the conference champions have been crowned, they play a single match for the MLS Cup, with the most successful regular season team earning the right to host the extravaganza.