Concacaf Gold Cup Betting Odds

It's time once again for the CONCACAF Gold Cup, the soccer tournament that features the best teams from North America, Central America and the Carribean. Title holders Mexico will be looking to lift the trophy for a record eighth time although they will face strong challenges from hosts USA who have won the competition five times. All the action commences Friday July 7th at 7pm ET when Canada come up against French Guiana.

Gold Cup Scores And Standings

Below you will find the scores and standings for the Gold Cup, updated after every match. You can toggle and review offensive production, view defensive statistics and even check out how the team's first and second half performances differ. There is a wealth of information available to you right here and you can use it to your advantage when placing your wagers.

StandingsGold Cup

The tournament runs from July 7th until July 26 with the final of this year's tournament to be held at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. You can find the best odds from a selection of the best bookmakers below, and these odds will fluctuate as the tournament progresses.

Gold Cup Full Time Result Odds

Head-to-head betting is the most simple method of placing a bet on your team. Remember that in the group matches you will need to consider three options (win, loss and draw) in any fixture, and no matches will go to extra time. In the knockout stages, matches may be decided in extra time or even go to penalties, so it is important to be aware of the exact line you are betting on.

Full Time Result odds are normally calculated based on the score after 90 mins, regardless of whether the match is knockout or not. If you wish to take the draw out of the equation you can choose to either place a wager using the 'draw no bet' line, which gives you slightly lower odds but also refunds your bet if a draw occurs, or in the case of a knockout fixture you can use the 'to progress' line which allows you to put money on the team that you believe will progress to the next round. The first set of odds you see on a betting site will usually be the 90 minute full time result odds, so be wary and choose your bet carefully.

Gold Cup Asian Handicap Odds

Asian handicap lines are a popular choice when considering soccer bets mainly because draws are common, particularly in the group stage of a tournament where losses are so damaging to a team's chances. This style of wager eliminates the draw as a potential outcome, resulting in a much clearer betting experience. Asian handicaps are designed to even out the odds in matches, especially those between two mismatched teams.

For example, the opening match of the tournament between Canada and French Guiana would see the Canadians as clear favourites, and your odds would look something like this:

  • Canada: -150
  • Draw: +275
  • French Guiana: +400

In asian handicap lines, bookmakers shift the goalposts so that the odds are close to even. For this match, the handicap for Canada would be set at -0.5, meaning that the odds would look like this:

  • Canada: -148
  • French Guiana: +115

If you placed a bet on Canada using this method, you would simply win if they were to win. If you placed a bet on French Guiana, you would win if the result was either a draw or a win for the Latin American side.

Gold Cup Over/under Odds

The over/under markets are another option if you're not sold on the head-to-head odds. Similar to the asian handicap line, the bookmaker of your choice will set a value at the point they feel is closest to the most likely match outcome in terms of number of goals scored.

Using the above match between Canada and French Guiana as an example, the over/under mark is set at 2.5 and the odds are close to even for both sides (+100 for over and -125 for under). This indicates the bookmaker is confident of a game that will feature exactly 2 or 3 goals and you can be sure that their analysts will be very close to the mark.

Again, you will be able to either use this line as a reference for your bet and make an informed decision on the amount of goals there will be in the match, or you can use one of the alternate lines on offer. You may feel that both team's offensive players are in form and are not so great defensively, thus choosing to go with the overs on a line of 4.5.

If five goals or more are scored in the match, you've just won your wager at odds of +550. There is always the chance of high scoring matches at this competition so try your luck here!

Don't forget that some companies will allow you to bet on a number of other over/under markets and not limit you to just goals. Corners are a popular choice in the exotic markets, and you can also combine the result with the over/under goal scoring line. You will receive fantastic odds on the latter as this is a difficult one to pick, but that's the type of bet you want to be on.

Gold Cup Futures and Props

There are a number of great futures bets available through the top sportsbooks, and you can find them all right here. Like all major tournaments these days, the Gold Cup awards trophies to the top goalscorer and best goalkeeper, and you can be sure to find odds on both before and during the tournament. Don't jump on the favourites at the start of the tournament - bide your time and wait to see if they get off to a good or bad start and jump on when the odds are at their highest.

Similarly, you can place a wager on the overall tournament victor well in advance of the final match. Mexico and the USA are the clear and overwhelming favourites heading into the tournament and will be at short odds to add to their list of honours. If both breeze through their groups as expected, don't expect these odds to change, but if one or both draw or lose any group matches their odds will stretch slightly so be patient and you might get them at a better price.

Finally, look out for props during the tournament, particularly in the knockout stages where matches will be decided one way or another. You can always bet on whether a match will require a penalty shootout, and this will provide solid value as the chances are not high. Similarly, bookmakers may begin to introduce VAR betting lines based on the new Video Assistant Referee that is being rolled out by FIFA. Look out for these as well.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure to find the best selection of odds and lines right here. Don't forget to join the discussion on Facebook and chat to like-minded people about the chances of your team and the betting options available.