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CONCACAF Champions League Scores and Standings

Below you will find all the CONCACAF Champions League Scores and Standings, updated after every matchday. You can toggle home and away fixtures, review offensive production, view defensive statistics and even check out how first and second half performances differ. There is a wealth of information available to you right here.

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Bet on CONCACAF Champions League Games

The CONCACAF Champions League is North and Central America’s most elite club competition and provides several enticing matchups throughout. While Mexican teams have historically dominated the tournament, the continued rise in standard of the MLS has led to increased competitiveness and much higher television audiences. 

The increased importance placed on this tournament by clubs has led to a much larger selection of match coverage and therefore a huge amount of betting possibilities. There are now a variety of odds from a wide selection of companies and we bring you the absolute best of the bunch.

The group stages run from August until October and consist of eight groups of three teams. At this point you will see some lobsided fixtures as the more established American giants will encounter champions of smaller nations. This is your opportunity to show how much you know about the sport as there will be huge odds available for draws (and wins for the underdog) in these fixtures.

Look out for the later matchdays where qualified teams may rest players and less-fancied teams can cause major upsets. The knockout stage (between February and April) is where you will really have to apply your knowledge, and again is a great opportunity to make some cash.

Don’t forget that all fixtures at this point are over two legs and away goals are critical, so make sure you are as tactically aware as the managers! Typically, the away team will play defensively and look to score goals on the counter, while the home team tries to score goals without conceding. If you have done your research and find it difficult to split the to teams on paper, your best bet is a low scoring match bet, or a wager on only one team to score.

Of course, at any stage in the tournament you can place a wager on the overall winner, and we provide great odds on all the teams remaining as the competition progresses. To be successful in this category, particularly if you bet early on, make sure you are aware of your team’s domestic schedule as this can heavily impact upon the likelihood of tournament success. Although odds will shorten when your team makes it to the knockout round, it is not a bad idea to wait and see if all your players remain healthy (and haven’t been transferred!) during the Winter break.

The one thing that you can always rely on is that we will have the best selection of great odds right here so that you can bet with confidence. Good luck!