Champions League Standings

This is the place you will find the league tables for the Champions League group stages, updated after every matchday. You can toggle home and away fixtures, review offensive production, view defensive statistics and even check out how your team’s first and second half performances differ. There is a wealth of information available to you right here.

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Champions League Asian Handicap

Asian handicap lines are becoming more and more prevalent in sports betting, particularly in football where a draw is quite a common outcome. This style of wager eliminates the draw as a potential outcome, resulting in a much clearer betting experience.

Not to be confused with the ‘draw no bet’ line, which is similar, asian handicaps are designed to even out the odds in football matches, especially those between two mismatched teams.

For example, in a match between Real Madrid and Monaco in Madrid, the favourite would normally be the home side and you would probably see odds similar to the following:

  • Real Madrid: -138
  • Draw: +250
  • Monaco: +500

In a ‘draw no bet’ situation, a draw would result in a bet refund, meaning that there are effectively just two possible outcomes for the match. As a result, odds would reduce significantly as follows:

  • Real Madrid: -350
  • Monaco: +250

In asian handicap lines, bookmakers shift the goalposts so that the odds are close to even. For this match, the handicap for Madrid would be set at -0.5, meaning that the odds would look like this:

  • Real Madrid: -138
  • Monaco: +107

If you placed a bet on Real Madrid using this method, you would simply win if they were to win. If you placed a bet on Monaco, you would win if the result was either a draw or a Monaco win.

You will find that most companies offer alternatives to the standard handicap, and if you were bold enough to pick Real Madrid to win by more than one goal you could get odds of +122 for a -1.5 handicap. The standard handicap (in this case -0.5) represents the sportsbook’s opinion on the likliest result of the match, in this case a one-goal victory to Madrid. If you think otherwise, then this is the market for you to make some serious money.

Champions League Over Under

The over/under markets are another option if simply betting on the game line does not interest you enough. Similar to the asian handicap line, the sportsbook of your choice will set a figure at the point they feel is closest to the most likely match outcome in terms of number of goals scored.

Using the above match between Real Madrid and Monaco as an example, the over/under mark is set at 2.5 and the odds are dead even for both sides – set at -112. This indicates the sportsbook is confident of a game that will feature exactly 2 or 3 goals.

Again, you will be able to either use this line as a reference for your bet and make an informed decision on the amount of goals there will be in the match, or you can use one of the alternate lines on offer. You may feel that both team’s offensive players are in form and are not so great defensively, thus choosing to go with the overs on a line of 4.5. If five goals or more are scored in the match, you’ve just won your wager at odds of +550, not bad at all!

Lastly, some books will let you bet on over/under markets for corners, offsides and a number of other exotics. There is also an option to combine the result with the over/under goal scoring line, and you can be sure to see very enticing odds in what is a very difficult bet to win. 

Champions League Goalscorers

The prize presented to the Champions League’s top goal scorer has become almost as big as the tournament itself. Online Sportsbooks will offer a variety of odds on players that they think have the best chance of taking out the award, and normally will favour players from the top teams seeing as they are more likely to go deep in the tournament and therefore have more games in which to increase their respective tallies.

The two best players on the planet, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, have split the award between them for almost as long as they have been playing at the top level. As a result, you will most likely see their names atop the list of betting options until they retire.

What you can do though is bide your time and wait for the first few rounds of the group stage to unfold – prices will be updated regularly throughout the season and if your pick for the top goalscoring prize gets off to a slow start (like Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2016/17 season for example) you can jump on at much better odds and hopefully capitalise when they find form later in the year.

Champions League Futures

Throughout the season, all of the top sportsbooks will provide you with their best odds for the potential Champions League winners, fluctuating over time similar to the goalscorer markets.

Again, the key here is timing – you will always see favourites like Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern at the top of the pile, so perhaps be patient and wait until the group stages to place your bets.

Don’t forget that many of the top books will also offer you futures lines on more than just the overall winner. As soon as the initial league stage draw is announced, you will find numbers on teams to make the second round, total points scored in the group and number of goals scored in the group, so there are always lines available.

As you can see, there are a huge selection of odds available and your one-stop shop for all the information you need is right here.