Soccer Betting

Soccer (or football as it is known across most of the globe) is the world’s most popular sport and it has grabbed a foothold in North America. Major League Soccer has grown in popularity and stature since stating play in 1996 becoming the preeminent league in both Canada and the United States. Fans with a more international interest in “the beautiful game” also follow the leading leagues in Europe as well as the premier international tournaments. [+]

If you like to make a wager on the football action our recommended sportsbooks have a comprehensive list of odds and betting lines for matches from across North America and around the world.

Soccer Betting Offers

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Soccer is the world’s most popular sport and increasingly a presence in North American online sportsbook betting. Canadian online gamblers looking for bankroll-boosting action and a sport that offers unique handicapping options would do well to look to soccer leagues such as Major League Soccer, North America’s most competitive soccer league, and the only one featuring Canadian teams. Even if you can’t tell your Pele’s from your Neymar’s, soccer betting can prove profitable, given the right sportsbook. Each league and sportsbook offers unique player perks so choosing one can be as simple as matching your style of play to options offered on the “Beautiful Game”.

MLS soccer betting. The newest pro-soccer league, Major League Soccer has grown a great deal since its initial season in 1996. MLS boasts 19 teams, including three clubs in Canada. Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto each have a strong MLS team, one that any Canadian sports bettor could feel confident in backing. With more big name players, including Thierry Henry and David Beckham, lending their talents to MLS teams, the future is bright and so are the betting possibilities. MLS Scores are traditionally higher than European matches –  adjust your strategy accordingly!

Euro Cup soccer betting. The EURO Championship is the second biggest soccer tournament in the world, and one event that brings out the passions of even the smallest European soccer fan. While perennial contenders England, France, Italy and Germany are always forces to be reckoned with, other countries including Portugal and the Netherlands have advanced far in recent tournaments. In the past several years, however, Spain has been absolutely dominant. Whether they will continue to rule the EUROs remains to be seen, but with sports betting action on every single game, Canadian online gaming fans will be able to make their own claim at glory during action from the pitch.

World Cup soccer betting. For most of the world, the World Cup is the Super Bowl – times a billion. An event unlike any other, the global community unites every four years to watch the best soccer nations from across the globe compete for the right to be called World Cup Champions. Betting on the World Cup can be a profitable experience, with a wide range of mismatches possible daily. If there’s ever a time to open an online betting account – it’s during World Cup action!

How To Win Soccer Bets

Major League Soccer has doubled from its original ten teams in just over twenty years with plans for future expansion in the season’s to come. If the predictability that comes from all the big spending in Europe has you looking for new avenues to cure your soccer fever, or if you just don’t want to get up early to watch their games, get in on the MLS action every March to November.

Despite some marquee players signing on to play in New York, LA, Toronto and other big cities, Major League Soccer remains a highly competitive league where parity and competitive balance are on full display. Montreal and Toronto raise their game when they face each other as is the case when Vancouver locks horns with Seattle and Portland. Rivals are also keen to get one up on the big spenders at NYC and the LA Galaxy. 

Add to the mix the North American-style playoffs and the mix of results they throw up on the road to the MLS Cup at season’s end and there’s no shortage of soccer drama this side of the Atlantic. However you choose to play, the footy fever is cured with a look at all the best picks from our top sportsbooks.