Rugby World Cup Betting Lines

The pinnacle of the sport is the Rugby World Cup, second only to the FIFA World Cup in terms of attendance and revenue generation. Over 100 nations compete in qualifying matches around the world in order to participate in the tournament, which features twenty of the best teams. With so much interest in the event, it can sometimes be difficult to find the best place to bet on Rugby World Cup matches. Thankfully, we've done all the hard work for you.

Rugby World Cup Scores and Standings

We don't stop at providing the best odds and lines available. Below you will find comprehensive information about every World Cup match. Check out the latest scores, preview upcoming matches, review statistics from completed fixtures and take a look at the tournament standings. This is your one stop shop for everything you need to make informed Rugby World Cup bets.

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Bet On Rugby World Cup Games

There is nothing more exciting than a Rugby World Cup tournament. Every match has meaning, every nation is fighting for supremacy and fans around the world gather to cheer on their home country or favourite team. Imagine the feeling when your team wins a crucial knockout match, or lifts the trophy at the end of the competition? Now imagine that you also had a wager on that team - now we're taking excitement to the next level.

Rugby World Cup games are very popular throughout the betting community because there is so much interest in the tournament. More interest equals more bets, and the majority of these bets are made by ill-informed punters who do not do any research before throwing their money down. This presents a great opportunity for you, the educated and experienced bettor, to benefit and profit.

So how can we use this to our advantage?

For starters, it is important to understand that lines are based on the collective opinion of the sports-betting community. Odds for fixtures will always be skewed, as one-time, casual pundits dictate the prices. We need to look beyond the dollar value when evaluating the likelihood of a certain result. Research is the key here.

Experienced and well-disciplined bettors investigate trends, review history and bide their time. As soon as they can see that the public have missed a key statistic and jumped on the wrong team, they leverage this and capitalise on the opportunity to obtain great odds and a likely victory.

So once you've decided on the game you want to bet on, the next step is to choose the type of bet that will help you win the most money. We've outlined some of the best options below.

Over/Under Market

Similar to other sports, the over/under market simply lets you choose whether you believe the match will contain more or less than the designated amount.

The most common option is total points scored. For example, the over/under line for a game between Canada and France may be set at 42.5, so you would need to decide whether the game is likely to feature a total of more or less points than this figure.

The over/under market can also apply to a number of other lines.

You may be able to decide on the number of tries scored, penalties awarded, penalty goals kicked, scrum wins, lineout wins and even drop goals kicked. All depends on the sportsbook you choose to go with and we provide you with the best selection from around the web.

Scoring Markets

Research is key here. The top betting sites offer a massive selection of different markets to do with scoring, and it presents an opportunity for you to make some serious money.

In terms of team scoring, you can place wagers on which team will score first, in addition to the type of score and the time that the first points were recorded.

Player markets are also available. The first tryscorer market is always popular, and you can even bet on the last tryscorer, however these can be quite difficult to pick and the long odds available will attest to that. You're much more likely to succeed with the 'to score' line, which will pay out if your player scores a try at any stage during the match.

Parlay Options

Parlay bets are best utilised across multiple matches, and the most simple scenario is of course picking the winner of two or more different fixtures.

In the pool stage of the Rugby World Cup, you will often see strong teams like New Zealand come up against outsiders like Fiji or the United States. By picking the favourite in multiple matches where the result is likely, you can turn a minuscule dividend into something worthwhile.

While most online betting sites will not allow you to create a parlay using multiple lines in the same game, they will provide certain pre-set parlay options.

Examples include 'Score First / Full Time', where you are choosing which team will score the first points and which team will win the match, and the even more complex 'First Try / Half Time / Full Time' market. These often provide some serious value as they can be quite difficult to pick.

Live Betting

Live betting is offered by many of the best sports betting companies and is extremely useful, particularly in rugby matches. This option is best utilised when you know the favourite in a matchup before the match starts and stick to a plan. It is not uncommon for the favourite team to fall behind early, perhaps to a penalty goal, and come back to win the match. Look for those matches where a favourite is struggling early and watch the odds increase in your favour.

Rugby World Cup Futures 

The betting community never sleeps, and odds are forever changing. Don't forget that you can bet on upcoming Rugby World Cup tournaments almost as soon as the last one has finished, and every match a team plays in the interim will have an effect on their price. In most cases, the further out from a tournament you are the greater your team's value will be...

Jump in early and you may be rewarded!

Regardless of the betting options you choose to take, you can be sure to find plenty of bonus opportunities at all of the leading sportsbooks. There is no harm in signing up and placing an unlikely bet down, as you'll be no worse off if it doesn't come up! The market is competitive and sites will do whatever it takes to get you to place wagers, so make sure you take advantage.