Formula 1 Betting Lines

The world’s number one motor racing competition continues to excite year after year, and the best drivers and constructors from around the globe will once again be competing throughout the F1 season to stand atop the final podium. The energy and excitement is already next level throughout F1’s extensive fan base, and betting on the sport only increases the thrill as we help you turn raceday into payday.

Odds On Formula 1 Races

You can be sure to find the best odds from a selection of the top sportsbooks right here and each offer their own great selection of betting lines that will suit the needs of even the most avid bettors.

As all of these companies are competing for your dollar, they offer some amazing sign-up deals and you would be crazy not to take advantage. As you can see above, most have dollar-for-dollar bonuses and some go even further than that. The top sports betting sites offer a specific selection of lines for Formula One racing. The main three categories are as follows:

  • Drivers Championship Odds

This line allows you to bet on who you believe will earn the most points throughout the entire Formula One calendar. You can choose to place a wager at any time during the course of the season, and the odds will fluctuate throughout the year. 

  • Constructors Championship Odds

Similar to the Drivers Championship, although in this case you are selecting the manufacturer who you believe will win the season. Each have two cars and two drivers, so ensure you select a team that have both superior cars and drivers.

  • Individual Race Outright Odds

For each of the twenty races in an F1 season you can pick the race winner. Odds for each race will become available in the weeks prior to a raceday and you can bet right up until moments before Sunday’s grid lights go out. Make sure you tune into the qualifying rounds and practice laps to gain a better feel for the conditions and the actual chances of your driver winning the race.

Formula 1 Betting Tips

Betting on Formula 1 allows you to really show your knowledge.

While each season tends to be a battle between two main rivals in both the Drivers and Constructors Championships, providing punters with numbers that make betting hardly worth the effort, you can always back an outsider to finish in a certain position., for example, allows you to place a wager on a podium finish, top-six finish and a points finish – that is, the chance of finishing the race in the top ten and earning Drivers Championship points.

You can also place bets throughout the whole race calendar. Each F1 race features three days of action, commencing on a Friday with a day of Practice, followed by qualifying on Saturday and the big race on Sunday. Believe it or not, you can bet on the fastest lap during the practice rounds and the fastest during qualification. Naturally, you can place a bet on which driver will appear in which position on the starting grid, which is determined on Saturday during qualification. The key to success here is following the events as close as possible.

There are a number of ‘first’ lines offered by many of the top bookmakers, and they can often provide excellent value as it can be somewhat of a lottery. Bet on the first driver to retire in a race or even have a punt on the first constructor to cease participation. Ensure you look at the history of both the drivers and the circuit, consider the grid position of your pick and also take a look at the weather before attempting to choose the correct result here (then cross your fingers and your toes!)

All of the top sportsbooks offer a large selection of lines specific to drivers – there is almost an endless selection of lines available here. Bet on whether or not a driver will lead the race at any stage, place a wager on whether a driver will be first to take a pit stop, or even last to enter the pit lane. Then there are combo bets which are normally paired with fantastic prices – why not try one of the favourites to both win the race and record the fastest lap? This is a great way to improve the odds on a driver who will not offer much value in the outright market.

Finally, you can place an assortment of bets that are all tailored to the race winner. Do you think that a particular driver is in good enough form to win the race by more than ten seconds over their nearest rival? Try the winning margin line that normally offers three options: Less than 5 seconds, 5-10 seconds and greater than 10. Perhaps you believe that someone will win the race from a lowly grid position? Simply select ‘Grid Position of Winner’ to punt on this. You can even bet on the constructor to win the race if you can’t split two drivers representing the same company.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure that all of the best bookmakers can be found right here. Make sure you have a clear strategy and do your research, as this is the only way to be successful in the online betting world. As always, log on to Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation and discuss betting tips with other like-minded individuals. Converse about the chances of your favourite driver or constructor winning the championship, compare winning records and above all connect with people who share your passion. Good luck and bet responsibly!