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The Stars have recently relocated their playoff stride, and won their first playoff series since 2008. In fact, they had made the playoffs only one time during that stretch. As a whole, the team won the Stanley Cup back in 1999 for their first and only championship. The Dallas Stars became the first NHL team based in a sub tropical city, from the 35th parallel north to win a Stanley Cup.They have also won the conference in back to back years, from 1998-2000. [+]

They have also won the Presidents’ Trophy twice and won their division 8 times. They have seen a number of hall of fame players over the years. This includes Brett Hull (1998–2001), Joe Nieuwendyk (1995–2002), Ed Belfour (1997–2002) and Mike Modano (1989–2010).

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Looking for the Dallas Stars’ next game? We are your source for all the NHL’s action and scores. The Dallas Stars play their home games at the American Airlines Center. Their home games are all televised from the Central Time Zone.

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Let’s take a look at the Dallas Stars’ hockey schedule. Bookmark us to stay on top of the action all season long.

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Here’s a glance at the Dallas Stars’ standings. Check out how they’re doing against the rest of the division and the rest of the NHL. 

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The Stars are out, and starting to really shine. They are building something good in Dallas. The offense is clicking and they may be the most potent team right now, and for the next few years. They are going to need championship level goaltending (which they lack) and defence (also lacking) if they’re going to push themselves to the next level. 

They won a hot, hot, hot Central division last year and were one of two teams to win 50 games. So betting on them is a strong move now, and will be for the next few years. But keep in mind, when betting hockey, statistically speaking, the great teams are not that much better than the bad teams. In 2015-2016, for example the Capitals won a league-high 56 out of their 82 games (68%).

On the other side of things, the Leafs were by far the worst team and still managed to win 29 (35%) of their games. This means the best teams will win 2 out three games they play, but the bad teams will still win 1 out of three. This is largely because the salary cap does a decent job of ensuring the talent around the league is reasonably well distributed. 

So the huge paydays on upsets may not be there. But the ability to tactfully bet on a losing team is most definitely there.