NHL Western Conference Scores And Standings

Here are your Western Conference standings. See who’s on top and who’s making a move.


Bet On NHL Western Conference Games

First of all, home ice advantage is really only an advantage for the NHL’s elite teams. Everyone else only wins a bit more than half of their home games. Betting on the home team is not quite as safe as it would be in the NFL or the NBA, where the home team is more dominant. 

Speaking of winning, you may have heard of the zig zag theory. Simply put, you bet on a team that just lost, because they are likely going to win their next game, because they’re due. Be careful with this mentality. Zig zagging doesn’t really apply to hot or cold teams that are likely to go on a big streak. It’s fine when two average and evenly matched teams are about to play. But, it also doesn’t factor in things like hot goaltenders or injuries that may be causing the losses. 

Also remember that there’s balance and parity throughout the whole NHL thank to a salary cap, and betting lines will reflect that fact. So you may not see the payoff potential you would see elsewhere in other sports, if you’re betting on underdogs. The bad teams will still have players who can light it up on any given night. 

And always remember, with so many Canadian hockey fans you’re always going to get lots of tips when it comes to placing bets. Yes it’s good to listen, but it’s always best you use your own strategy when formulating your own plan. Listen to bettors, not hockey fans. There is a big difference between them.