NHL Atlantic Scores And Standings

Here are your NHL Atlantic standings. See who’s on top and who’s making a move.


Bet On NHL Atlantic Games

When betting on the NHL, remember that bad teams in the NHL still win a decent number of games. The top tier teams win about 70% of their games. Whereas the lower class teams still win about 30% of their games. There’s balance and parity throughout the whole NHL, and betting lines will reflect that fact. So you may not see the payoff potential you would see elsewhere in other sports, if you’re betting on underdogs. 

A lot of NHL fans believe in what’s called the zigzag theory when they bet on the NHL. In a nutshell, you’re betting on a team that just lost, because they are due to bounce back and win. This is a pretty good strategy when two average and equal teams are playing each other. But it forgets to factor in hot goaltenders, injuries, or a few other things that may be causing a team to lose games.

At the same time, it doesn’t really apply to strong or weak teams that are likely to go on a long streak. Also, remember home ice advantage isn’t a massive thing. Betting on the away team is not as big of a risk as it would be in the other major sports. So no need to buy into the home ice hype. Most of the NHL only wins a bit more than 50% of their home games. 

And finally, it’s always best to remember that good defence and goaltending trumps high powered offence in NHL hockey. Too many people in Canada only look at goal scoring when they’re planning their strategy. They forget about a great defence’s ability to shut down a strong offence. Always start with the goaltending matchup. On the home or road, an a-level goaltender is always the x-factor when betting on hockey.