NHL East Scores And Standings

Here’s a look at your NHL Eastern Conference standings. Stay in the know, and on top of this week’s movers and shakers.


Bet On NHL East Games

People in the US see betting on hockey as an off-season between baseball and football season. But in Canada, it’s the main event. This is the only show that matters. Any other sport they watch or bet on is just killing time until the puck drops again.

That, unfortunately means you’re going to meet a lot of “Experts” on betting on the NHL. Try to see their advice for what it is. There are guys who know a lot about the NHL, and there are those who know a lot about online NHL betting. These are two completely different things. Betting experts are more valuable than hockey experts. Bettors don’t have emotional ties to any teams. They would rather win money than see their favorite team win. Trust their lack of bias.

As for general rules of thumb,  plan your work, and then work your plan over the a whole season. Betting on the NHL is more of a marathon than a sprint. The potential for single game quick wins is, of course, always there too. But that’s not where your money is.

Also, The NHL has a salary cap that does a pretty job of keeping the good players spread across the league. So betting the underdog isn’t quite as risky as it is in other sports, even though two teams may have a large discrepancy in the league standings. Both teams will have enough good players to make it interesting… most nights. At the same time, the mid-level and floating-around-500 teams are fairly evenly matched, so betting the lines can take a lot of strategy.