Formula 1 Betting Odds & Lines

The world’s best drivers and fastest cars are on show all season long in the FIA Formula One, which always manages to throw up incredible entertainment and drama. Ferrari, Mercedes and a host of other top Constructors will once again be vying to be the greatest this year, while both Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton will be chasing yet another Drivers’ Championship honour.

Formula 1 Championship Odds

With twenty drivers in the field, you can never be entirely sure who is going to feature on the podium at the end of a Formula One race, making it a great sport for placing wagers. There are several races held at regular intervals throughout the season, so there’s always a race to look forward to, plus you’ll find several different options in terms of betting lines. 


The F1 Drivers’ Championship always promises to deliver a stack of twists and turns, and while the usual suspects may appear at the top of the list of chances, it’s never over until the chequered flag is waved.

For that reason, there’s plenty of betting opportunities available.

Formula One Bets

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Drivers’ Championship Odds

As indicated by the name, this line focuses on the overall winner of the F1 season. As long as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are around, it’s likely to be a two-horse race, although realistically the title can be won by any driver from the top manufacturers.

It’s no surprise to see Lewis Hamilton headlining the outright Drivers’ Championship odds, which means that you normally need to bet very early on in the season to get any value out of the world’s best driver. This is true for all outright / futures betting – the early bird gets the worm, or in this case a much bigger, juicier worm.

2018 Constructors Championship Odds

The leading sportsbooks all provide odds for the second-biggest market in F1 racing – the Constructors’ Championship. In recent times the only three manufacturers with any chance have been Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, and their dominance looks set to continue.

The best tip here is to follow who you think will become the Drivers’ Championship winner and bet on the same constructor – there’s only been one occasion since 2000 where the winning team has not featured the winning driver.

Race Odds

All 20 races on the F1 calendar can be bet on individually, and there’s plenty more options than simply betting on the race winner. You can select who you think will finish on the podium, place a wager on the first driver to crash out of contention, and even bet on the first team or driver to make a pit stop.

There’s something for everyone on raceday, and the top online betting companies will normally let you bet live on the action.

Qualifying and Fastest Lap Markets

While the race itself is the pinnacle of the F1 weekend, all the action starts a couple of days prior when each racer attempts to gain pole position. There are a number of markets that focus on the qualifying round, which gives punters even more opportunities to place wagers.

Winning is pivotal, but recording the fastest lap is all about bragging rights. This normally means that the market offers a better spread and therefore greater odds on the top drivers.

You will also be able to bet on whether a driver will complete a perfect weekend, that is, taking out pole position, winning the race and recording the fastest lap. It’s not that uncommon – Lewis Hamilton achieved it four times in 2017.

Formula 1 Schedule

The Formula One calendar runs from March until November each year, boasting races across all corners of the globe. 

Australian Grand Prix 25th March Hungarian Grand Prix 29th July
Bahrain Grand Prix 8th April Belgian Grand Prix 26th August
Chinese Grand Prix 15th April Italian Grand Prix 2nd September
Azerbaijan Grand Prix 29th April Singapore Grand Prix 16th September
Spanish Grand Prix 13th May Russian Grand Prix 30th September
Monaco Grand Prix 27th May Japanese Grand Prix 7th October
Canadian Grand Prix 10th June United States Grand Prix 21st October
French Grand Prix 24th June Mexican Grand Prix 28th October
Austrian Grand Prix 1st July Brazilian Grand Prix 11th November
British Grand Prix 8th July Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 25th November
German Grand Prix 22nd July    

Formula 1 Betting Tips

Online sports betting sites make it easier than ever to place a wager on Formula One racing. Every race has individual markets, plus you will find a number of outright lines available for futures betting. All can be reached at the click of a button, so with the luxury of so many options at your fingertips, how do you convert a potential wager into a winning bet?

Our number one tip for Formula One betting is to study hard. Certain drivers perform much better on particular tracks, and historical performance is normally a good indication. For example, Lewis Hamilton has won the Canadian GP more times than anyone else in the field, which makes sense as he performs well on tracks that long straights and high speed turns.

You should also be prepared to tune in to the whole weekend, not solely race day. A lot of valuable information can be obtained during the practice laps and qualifying rounds, particularly if the track conditions are sub-par due to weather. Likewise, you should not place a pre-race bet prior to confirming the gird positions of each driver – if the favourite crashes to tenth on the grid it’s going to be mighty hard for him to make up the ground and win the race.

Historical data applies to all drivers in the field, which means you should explore the possibility of betting on the lower-ranked teams. Leading online sportsbooks will allow you to place wagers on drivers who reach the podium, finish in the top six and even whether or not they claim competition points (top ten finish), so there are plenty of options and opportunities available.

Whatever you choose, you’ll find all the latest odds and news about Formula One racing right here.