NFL Playoffs Betting Lines

Similar to the United Kingdom Premier League, with one major difference, the National Football League is the most popular pro sports organization in North America. The big variation being that more people in the UK bet on the NFL than those who bet on the Premier League on this side of the pond. Although the 17-week NFL schedule attracts billions in wagers – the action cranks up to a fast and furious level once the betting lines for the NFL playoffs are posted.

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Like a carpenter, sports handicappers must have a well-stocked toolbox. As part of the finely honed tools, that includes a research path, savvy odds shopping skills, plus a sharp eye for trends, bettors need a reliable stable of reputable sportsbooks. Bookmakers listed in the table below are the best in the betting industry and that’s a long running trend that has played out uninterrupted for decades

NFL Playoffs Money Line

Always flying by, in a blink of an eye, the NFL regular season acts as primer for when it comes time to wager on the thrill-packed playoff action. Once the second season begins, due to the caliber of the teams being high across the board, money lines shrink once the playoffs open. Plus or minus odds normally max out at around 300 in the postseason. Week 1 of each new season begins with more questions than answers but, as the schedule plays out, following the NFL on a weekly basis produces a much clear picture prior to the Wild Card Weekend action. An example, of the need to pay attention to NFL money lines, occurred during the 2016 season as the Atlanta Falcons opened their schedule with a +3300 Super Bowl LI Championship ML odds on the Bodog futures board.

NFL Playoffs Point Spread

Following a 31-24 NFL Opening Day loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, some figured the NFL 2016 Atlanta team was the same sad-sack Falcons squad that missed the dance the previous three years. Opinions changed though as the Black Birds soared to four straight wins with a high octane offense that produced a 151-109 winning margin. Once through their 16-game schedule, Atlanta was 11-5 and the NFC South Division Champions. When postseason betting action began, the Falcons tagged with favorite point spread prices once Wild Card Weekend arrived. Tracking the ATS odds of teams that are running hot, in advance of the postseason, is a profitable online NFL playoff betting tactic. For additional bankroll building tips and entertaining advice – visit our Learn to Earn tutorial area.

NFL Playoffs Over Under

During the 17-week season; billions are wagered on National Football League action worldwide. A significant portion of those bets come from right here in the True North. Although Canucks love the Canadian Football League, with it’s bigger balls, longer CFL fields, et al, the NFL has an enthusiastic fan base that sprawls across the entire Great White North. Being as the CFL season opens in June, Canadian football fans are well primed when it comes time to bet on NFL Over/Under odds. More and more, those bettors are turning away from Provincial Lottery schemes and heading to top rated offshore wagering websites. We recommend the cream of the crop here at Canada Sports Betting.

NFL Playoffs Futures and Props

Tiding bettors over, as a delightfully filling appetizer, NFL playoffs futures and props offerings are served up prior to the NFL Championship feast. While they’ll fluctuate throughout the postseason, Super Bowl futures prices are at their ripest prior to Wild Card Weekend. As the numbers of teams diminish – so does the value of the lines. Our coverage of the NFL 2016 futures path is a valuable read for anyone new to this betting option. Although Championship odds can shrink like a scared turtle, prop betting action grows as we head towards the season finale. Too many to mention, we suggest heading over to the recommended sportsbooks here at CSB to get all the meaty info. Surf around and check them out – they are a “best bet” we’re certain punters will want to cash in on.