NFL NFC West Scores And Standings

Here’s a glance at the NFC West Standings. Keep track of the division leaders, the cellar dwellers and who’s on the move. 


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Let’s start with the Cards. Carson Palmer is not getting any younger, but he’s also not ready to call it quits yet. They have made the playoffs the last two years. They have lost to the Panthers in consecutive years and clearly have to get past them to reach the promised land. It’s going to be no small task to beat Seattle this year, though. 

As for the Hawks, they are the favorites and certainly belongs in Super Bowl conversations. It wasn’t that long ago they won it all, and they have all the tools to get back to Super Sunday again.

Elsewhere, The Rams are back in LA, but they’re riding a playoff drought that’s lasted over a decade, and almost half of their tenure in St. Louis. Maybe the change of scenery will pump some life into this team. They need it! They are still not favored to win a lot of games next year.

Meanwhile, the 9ers are hoping to avoid another playoff drought, like the 8 year rough patch between 2003 and 2008. After losing to Seattle in the Conference Championship game in 2013, they have been slowly slipping downhill. This team is poised to sit in the basement for a few years, while they regroup and try to build a playoff team again. Of course, Colin Kaepernick is awesome, but he can't do it alone. Clearly. He’s going to need way more weapons and protection if he’s ever going to be able to even see the bar set by Young and Montana. 

This is still Seattle’s turf until someone takes it from them.