NFL NFC South Scores And Standings

Here’s a glance at the NFC South Standings. Keep track of the division leaders, the cellar dwellers and follow who’s on the move.


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Let’s start with the Panthers. Despite what you saw at Super Bowl 50, this team has a high octane offense and a championship level defence, minus the championship. This team has gone from good to great over the last 3 years. They are now the team to beat in their division, their conference and the entire NFL. 

As for the Falcons, since falling from glory in 2012, they have gotten incrementally better each year, winning 4, then 6, then 8 games. This year, they will have to work very hard to see the same improvements. 10 wins will be tough. 

Elsewhere, the Saints have had one of the most flawed defences in the NFL recently and it really killed them last year. The offensive talent is the only reason they win. Drew Brees remains amazing, and as long as he’s healthy, they can beat any team in a single game situation. The playoffs is a stretch though.