NFL NFC North Scores And Standings

Here’s a glance at the NFC North Standings. Keep track of the division leaders, the cellar dwellers and follow who’s on the move.


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Let’s start with the Packers. Their strength starts with the franchise player in Aaron Rodgers. He’s a stat-compiling and winning machine that leads them wherever they go. He needs to be healthy all year for them to keep playing at this level. A few odd experts are actually picking the Packers to go all the way, but it’s not very likely. They will most likely make the playoffs, and even advance to the second round. 

Elsewhere,  Adrian Peterson guided the Vikings to the playoffs in 2015, but struggled once there. He’s going to dictate how far they go again this year, but he’ll be aided by a strong core of young talent. They have done well at the draft recently, and the future looks bright. They will need one of these young players to step up to pro bowl levels of play if they want to reach the second round of the playoffs. 

Meanwhile, The Bears go as far as Jay Cutler will take them, and that simply hasn’t been the postseason recently. The Bears are favoured to stay among the cellar-dwelling teams for some time to come, unless something massive happens. They do have a lot of cap-space on the horizon though. Finally, the Lions actually finished pretty strongly last year, after a brutal start.

They are going to have to build on that and get career years from both the offense and defense if they want to improve and even talk about a playoff season. But Detroit fans have learned to expect very little.