NFL NFC East Betting Lines

The NFC’s East division is made up of the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins. Every team is a big market team, with big time salaries and expectations, year-after-year. The East is home to four of the top seven of most valuable NFL franchises (Cowboys #1; Redskins #3; Giants #4; Eagles #7). This means these teams aren’t shy about paying millions to get the top level talent. [+]

All 4 are considered quality destinations in luring free agent players to come play for them. This also means all 4 have deep resources, and are unlikely to stay down for long after a losing season. The Cowboys have won the most division titles over the years, but every single team has made it to at least one Super Bowl game since the conference was re-aligned in 2002.

NFL NFC East Scores And Standings

Here’s a glance at the NFC East Standings. Keep track of the division leaders, the cellar dwellers and follow who’s on the move.


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Let’s start with Washington. The team has become one of the strongest in the NFC east, and could be poised to move up in the NFL next year. But it’s more likely they slip back as the rest of the division pulls it together. 

Elsewhere in Dallas, a healthy Tony Romo and a good offensive line means that the Cowboys could easily shoot from the bottom of the barrel to the top of the division again. It’s a big ask, but the NFC is anyone’s for the taking. Why not them?

Over in New York, The Giants aren’t expected to return to the playoffs, much less a Super Bowl any time soon. The defense still has far too many holes to allow the offense to win any meaningful games for them. The defence has been problematic to say the least. The Giants are the worst defence in the NFL on paper, and have not done much to really improve in a big way. This has hurt their two offensive superstars in Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr.  

As for The Eagles, their new coach could finally unlock some hidden potential in this roster, and maybe a 9 win season could get them into the playoffs. But it’s more likely they win closer to 5 to 6 games and continue to rebuild. They are trying to put the most recent struggles and Vick experiment behind them, with a new coaching staff and new offensive philosophy. This is welcome news to Eagles fans, who are pretty much down for anything that will result in a winning season.