NFL AFC South Scores And Standings

Here’s a glance at the AFC South Standings. Keep track of the division leaders, the cellar dwellers and follow who’s on the move. 


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Let’s start with the Texans. This team has gone from the bottom of the pile, to the middle of the pack. If the offensive ever clicks, and the defence stays healthy, they are a threat to make a move in the playoff picture. If not, they will still hover around .500.

As for the Colts, Andrew Luck is the franchise, and if he’s healthy, they make the playoffs. It’s pretty much that simple. Without him, the holes in the roster are exposed pretty quickly. But he could certainly use more help if they want to get serious about a Super Bowl to go with his legacy.

Elsewhere, the Jacksonville Jaguars are not exactly a perennial favorite. They have not been to the playoffs in years and have not finished at .500 since going 8-8 in 2010. Still, they missed the playoffs that year. Since then it has been a struggle to win a handful of games, each year. You don’t really expect much from this team these days. They have won between 2-5 games each year for the last few seasons. Also, they don’t draft particularly well. They have not drafted a Pro Bowl player since Marcus Stroud in 2001.

And finally, the Titans are no longer guilty of being “stuck in the middle.” In the past, they were not good enough to make the playoffs (not a single appearance since 2008), but not bad enough to score a game-changing draft pick. Now, however, they have fallen to the depths of the NFL.