College Football Playoff Odds

Called for by many, for decades, the NCAA finally adopted a College Football Playoff system that kicked in during the 2014 campaign. Different from polls that are updated throughout the season, like the AP Top 25, a 13-member Selection Committee ranks the top 25 teams each week once Week 9 action is complete. Following Conference Championship Weekend, the final rankings are revealed and the top four squads advance to the postseason bracket.

NCAA Playoff Predictions

While an eight-team playoff would be even better, featuring the Power-Five Conference Champions plus three at-large bids, the current setup is way better than its predecessor. From 1998, through the 2015 National Championship game, the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) used a combination of humans, computers and polls to decide who played in the NCAAF title match. Although a lot of that still comes into play, teams must now also win their way into the National Championship clash.

In addition to the Final Four contests, the Playoff Committee also selects eight teams from their ranking list to participate in four matches that are played under Bowl banners not sponsoring that year’s playoff games. More often than not, those squads are the ones that ranked from 5th to 12th making the Selection Committee Bowl games all competitive contests. Conference Championship caliber talent provides a scrumptious betting appetizer at the CSB top rated online sportsbooks.

2018 College Football Playoff

Hitting a feverish pitch, following two exciting weeks of preliminary Bowl games, the US College Football year reaches its pinnacle with two semi-final playoff matches. The best of the best, during the NCAAF regular season, have had a month to prepare and the Final Four squads clash on New Year’s Day to decide who plays for the National Championship. Some players will be hitting the big stage for the first time while others will be participating in the final game of their University career. Involving teams we researched heavily during our weekly futures updates – these are BIG games.

2018 NCAA Football Playoff Picks and Results

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