NCAA College Football Betting Lines

NCAA college football provides sports betting enthusiasts with one of the most exciting and potentially lucrative wagering opportunities each year in a season that spans from late August to early January. Betting lines are essentially much more difficult for Vegas oddsmakers to pinpoint than pro football as the variables are far more numerous. This tends to reward players who follow the sport closely and have the ability to analyze weekly matchups.

Odds on NCAA Football

Betting lines on college football are released weekly, giving bettors ample opportunity to sort through the games and matchups they find most appealing. [+]

On a given Saturday, bettors will often have at least 50 games to choose from – an exciting thought for those seeking variety and opportunity. The odds on NCAA football are generally expressed as a point spread, a total or a moneyline, allowing bettors to wager on the winner of a game or a predetermined number of total points or margin of victory and defeat. Need a place to wager? Check out the preferred online wagering platforms below.

NCAA Football
NCAA Football
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Away Score Home Money Line
Tuesday 21 November
FT Bowling Green 31 - 34 Eastern Michigan +450 +400 Odds
FT Kent 14 - 24 Akron Zips +400 -588 Odds
FT Miami Red Hawks 28 - 7 Ball State +625 +700 Odds
Thursday 23 November
Mississippi Rebels 19:30 Mississippi State +500 -588 Odds
Friday 24 November
Western Michigan 11:30 Toledo Rockets +470 -588 Odds
Baylor Bears 12:00 Texas Christian +1450 -2500 Odds
Miami Hurricanes 12:00 Pittsburgh Panthers -500 +415 Odds
Navy Midshipmen 12:00 Houston Cougars +170 -196 Odds
Northern Illinois 12:00 Central Michigan -149 +130 Odds
Ohio Bobcats 13:00 Buffalo Bulls -192 +170 Odds
Missouri Tigers 14:30 Arkansas Razorbacks -345 +290 Odds
South Florida Bulls 15:30 UCF Knights +325 +290 Odds
New Mexico Lobos 15:30 San Diego State +850 -1000 Odds
Iowa Hawkeyes 16:00 Nebraska -167 +150 Odds
Texas State Bobcats 16:00 Troy State Trojans +1450 -2500 Odds
Western Kentucky 19:00 FIU -135 +120 Odds
Texas Tech 20:00 Texas Longhorns +300 +290 Odds
Virginia Tech 20:00 Virginia Cavaliers -278 +250 Odds
California 22:30 UCLA Bruins +250 -270 Odds
Saturday 25 November
Indiana Hoosiers 12:00 Purdue Boilermakers +120 -141 Odds
Ohio State Buckeyes 12:00 Michigan Wolverines +350 +385 Odds
Connecticut Huskies 12:00 Cincinnati Bearcats +186 -213 Odds
East Carolina 12:00 Memphis Tigers +3000 -10000 Odds
Tulane Green Wave 12:00 Southern Methodist +265 -313 Odds
Kansas Jayhawks 12:00 Oklahoma State Odds
Florida State 12:00 Florida Gators +180 +177 Odds
Georgia Bulldogs 12:00 Georgia Tech -417 +355 Odds
Louisville 12:00 Kentucky Wildcats -370 +310 Odds
Boston College 12:20 Syracuse Orange -167 +150 Odds
Duke Blue Devils 12:30 Wake Forest +375 -455 Odds
North Texas 13:00 Rice Owls +310 +325 Odds
UTEP Miners 13:00 UAB Blazers +900 +850 Odds
Appalachian State. 14:00 Georgia State Pant. -270 +240 Odds
Florida Atlantic 14:00 Charlotte 49ers -1667 +1050 Odds
SMISS 14:30 Marshall +142 -141 Odds
UNLV Rebels 15:00 Nevada Wolf Pack +135 -149 Odds
Arkansas State 15:00 Louisiana-Monroe +265 +265 Odds
Old Dominion Monar. 15:00 Middle Tennessee +380 -455 Odds
Wisconsin Badgers 15:30 Minnesota -833 +600 Odds
Penn State 15:30 Maryland Terrapins -1667 +1150 Odds
North Carolina 15:30 NC State +525 -714 Odds
Iowa State Cyclones 15:30 Kansas State +125 -145 Odds
Alabama 15:30 Auburn Tigers -200 +175 Odds
Boise State Broncos 15:30 Fresno State -278 +250 Odds
West Virginia 15:45 Oklahoma Sooners +1250 -2000 Odds
Northwestern 16:00 Illinois -667 +550 Odds
Michigan State 16:00 Rutgers +400 +415 Odds
Temple Owls 16:00 Tulsa -161 +145 Odds
Idaho Vandals 16:00 New Mexico State +310 -357 Odds
Vanderbilt 16:00 Tennessee +100 -115 Odds
Arizona Wildcats 16:30 Arizona State -130 +110 Odds
Wyoming Cowboys 17:00 San Jose State -1250 +850 Odds
Georgia Southern E. 17:00 UL Lafayette +197 -227 Odds
Oregon State 19:00 Oregan Ducks +1500 -3333 Odds
UTSA 19:30 Louisiana Tech +105 +105 Odds
Texas A&M Aggies 19:30 LSU Tigers +330 -370 Odds
Clemson Tigers 19:30 South Carolina -526 +445 Odds
Washington State 20:00 Washington Huskies +317 -357 Odds
Notre Dame 20:00 Stanford Cardinal -130 +125 Odds
Colorado Buffaloes 21:00 Utah Utes +330 -417 Odds
Brigham Young 21:00 Hawaii Warriors -145 +132 Odds
Utah State Aggies 22:15 Air Force Falcons +105 -120 Odds

NCAA Football Betting Trends

Many players have found success wagering on college football by analyzing NCAA football betting trends. Trend data may include how other bettors are wagering on an event or how certain teams have traditionally fared in similar conditions throughout the season or over the league’s history. [+]

Regardless of which trends players use to determine their wagers, a reliable and reputable online sportsbook is an essential piece of the puzzle. Check out these online sportsbooks for great betting opportunities, rebate and reward incentives.

Bet on NCAA Football

Betting NCAA football successfully requires a player to understand the sport itself and the ability to analyze point spreads and totals. Virtually all college football games offer a “side” and “total” bet. Taking a side means that a bettor will simply select Team A or Team B in a given matchup against a predetermined value known as a point spread. Wagering experts determine a point spread based on data and analysis that attempts to predict the margin of0 each game’s final score.

NCAA Football Spread Betting

Let’s say the University of Louisville is a 10-point favorite against Boston College. This means bettors picking a side must determine whether they will select Louisville to “cover” the ten points or Boston College to “beat the spread.” In this scenario, a bet on Louisville only wins if Louisville wins the game by at least 11 points. Conversely, a bet on Boston College would only win if Boston College wins the game outright or loses by fewer than 10 points. If the final margin were exactly 10 points, the outcome is known as a “push” in betting parlance, with all wagers refunded and neither side declared a winner. 

In the example above, Louisville would be listed as -10 and Boston College +10. One can think of this as Louisville starting the game “giving” 10 points to Boston College, and Boston College starting the game “getting” 10 points. In general, college football odds and payouts are expressed as -110 when bettors play a side against the spread. This simply means that the bettor is risking $1.10 to win $1.00 regardless of which side they pick. The 10 cents is known as “juice” or “vig” and goes to the house. The house collects all losing bets in addition to the 10% juice or vig. 

NCAA Football Total Betting

In addition to betting a side, most games offer a “total” as well. The total is simply a predetermined number of total points that will be scored in the game. The bettor can choose to play the “under” or the “over” depending on how they think the game will be played. Using the Boston College/Louisville example from above, the posted total of such a game might be listed as 49. If the final score were Louisville 35 Boston College 17, the two teams would have combined for 52 points, and all bettors taking the over would win, with the under bettors losing and paying the same 10% juice or vig as described above. 

NCAA Football Moneyline Betting

Another common or basic way to bet NCAA football is via the moneyline. The moneyline  has no point spread, but rather gives players a chance to simply pick a winner of a game regardless of its margin. The trick here is that bettors selecting the favored team often have to wager a much greater juice or vig than the standard 10% offered on pointspread wagers. Conversely, however, bettors who think the underdog team will win the game outright can profit greater while risking less money. Again using the Louisville/Boston College example, the moneyline might work like this: Louisville ML -350 | Boston College ML  + 275.

Louisville is expected to win as the 10-point favorite, but a bettor who thought Louisville was a lock win, but maybe by a margin less then ten points might choose a moneyline bet on Louisville. This decision, however, comes with a price. The -350 means that a player would win a $1.00 for every $3.50 wagered – over three times what they would have to risk on a  pointspread bet. At the same time, the moneyline wager might offer particular value for a bettor thinking Boston College can spring the upset. At +275, a BC moneyline bet would pay $2.75 for every $1.00 wagered – a way for the player to bet less and win more than he would against the point spread.