CFL Scores And Standings

The West is home to some of the league’s biggest grudge matches. The chance to play spoiler is always going to be a factor out here. To see which team is on top check HERE each and every week to check the standings.


Bet On CFL West Games

Whether the sky is clear and the sun is using or the storms are raging and the filed is covered in snow, the CFL’s Western Division plays in all conditions. Throw in the animosity of provincial and regional hostilities and the stakes are as big as the prairie skies. Wager on a game in the CFL’s West and the action will be as extreme as the temperature. 

If the regular season isn’t enough for you, come playoff time there’s the Western semi-final and Western final. You can get in on the action as the team’s due battle to decide which one represents the division at the Grey Cup. The Western Champion has had the upper hand over the East in recent years, but there’s no solidarity from the teams sitting on the sidelines.  Whoever you feel like backing there are odds and betting lines for you all season long from several sources online.