Curling Canada

Curling has been a favourite past time of Canadians for a long time because of their love for winter sports and a shared Scottish heritage. However, other countries have taken up the pursuit, creating an unprecedented level of competition on the international scene. As a result, the game known as “chess on ice” has spread around the globe, resulting in curling betting lines surging in popularity.

Best Curling Bets Today

Odds on curling events depend heavily on the style of bet that you choose to undertake. A heavily strategic sport, curling matches include complexities that take a lifetime to master, even if the game is relatively simple to play. Before putting your money down on a curling bet, make sure that you’re aware of the options that you may bet on. [+]

Match Winner:

Like most other sports, the most popular type of bet is a straightforward one, simply choosing the squad you believe will win at the end of the match. Often, the odds will be expressed through moneylines, with the favourite team having a moneyline that negative and the underdog team holding a positive moneyline.

Tournament Winner:

Often, curling contests take place in a tournament format, starting with a round robin before proceeding to the knock out stage. Some sportsbooks will let you bet on the winner of the tournament throughout the competition, with odds changing up until the cut-off point.

Side Bets:

This type of wagering creates a large set of opportunities for predicting on outcome other than the whole match or the tournament. Some side bets consist of over under wagers on the margin of victories, while others may consist of wagering on the skipper’s curling percentage after the match.

Curling Betting Offers

Sportsbooks have responded to curling betting trends by expanding the number of curling events that fans can place wagers on. Whether you’re new to the online betting scene or a veteran, the following sportsbooks offer the chance to earn a bonus. Visit these trusted sites to learn more.

Bet On Curling

Ever since the Winter Olympics decided to make curling an official medal sport in 2006, the popularity of the sport has spread far beyond the traditional Canadian crowd. Tournaments around the world provide numerous wagering opportunities for aficionados of curling action.

Olympic Curling: Canada is the only country that has medalled in every modern Olympic games, including three straight Gold medals for the men’s squad. Other countries that compete well include Sweden, Great Britain Norway and Switzerland.

World Curling Championships: Canada also dominates the world championships of curling, with the men’s team winning 35 titles and the women’s side earning 15 victories. Scotland gets a chance to represent their own country instead of the U.K. in this event, adding another great team into the mix.

The Brier: Considered by many to be the premiere event of curling due to the presence of talent within Canada, the winner of the Brier goes on to represent Canada in international competition. The number of fantastic teams competing in the Brier results in a plethora of great betting options.