NBA Southwest Scores And Standings

Keep updated with the division (and the whole league) with this nifty widget below, which not only tracks win-loss records but also points scored (+) and points scored allowed (-).


Bet On NBA Southwest Games

You can bet on the Southwest Division through a variety of sportsbooks but you will likely play the money line. This is where you bet the outright winner of a game. Each team will have a price either as a favorite (minus) or underdog (plus). The favorite is expected to win and likewise, the underdog is expected to lose. A -200 favorite indicates a $200 bet is needed to profit $100 and a +200 underdog nets a profit of $200 for a $100 bet. There are plenty of other ways to bet and we cover some below.

Only room for the best: since its creation in 2004, the division has been one of the best and most competitive in all of pro sports. The Southwest Division has produced at least three playoff teams for every year but one from its first year to 2016. In seven instances, it produced four playoff teams and in 2014-2015, saw all five of its teams qualify for the playoffs with four of the five teams finishing with at least 50 wins.

Model of excellence: despite the cutthroat nature of the division, the San Antonio Spurs have managed to win the majority of the division’s titles and have only finished outside the top two once in 2015 where they were one-win shy. The division is usually very competitive but 2015-2016 marked an instance where it was a one-team show as the Spurs won 87.5 percent of its division games (14-2 record) en route to setting a franchise record of 67 wins while the next best teams were 25 games behind.

Spread ‘em out: betting on teams straight up in the money line may sometimes be too lucrative so try the alternative option in the point spread. What this does is even out the field between the underdog and favorite by giving them a set number of points to “cover”. For instance, a spread of -13.5 indicates the team has to win by more than 13 points while a spread of +10.5 means the team cannot lose by more than 10.