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The Golden State Warriors are one of the NBA’s most storied franchises. Beginning as the Philadelphia Warriors in 1946, the team moved to San Francisco then eventually to Oakland in 1971 to become the present incarnation. The franchise has won five championships, most recently in 2016 tying them for third-most overall with the Spurs. They’ve also accumulated four division titles and eight conference titles. As an emerging dynasty, the Warriors will be a staple “chalk” bet (the betting favorite) in the betting lines.

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The next Golden State Warriors game is listed here, along with all the details and the betting lines. Game results are updated so keep checking back for updates.

Thursday, Nov 15 20:00 EST
Golden State Warriors
Houston Rockets

Below is the Golden State Warriors’ schedule including their results from both home and away games. Look out for trends and developments when betting on them.

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Golden State Warriors Scores And Standings

Here are the updated NBA standings for the Warriors along with the rest of the league. In addition to wins and losses, points for (+) and points against are also listed. 

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Bet On Golden State Warriors Games

You can bet the Golden State Warriors in many ways but you will have to master the art of the money line. This is the place where you bet for a team to win straight up. There are two types of numbers listed here: a minus number and plus number indicating the favorite and underdog, respectively. For example, -250 means you need to spend $250 to earn $100 while +130 means you win $130 when wagering $100.

Dynasty warriors: the Warriors defended their NBA championship in 2016 and also set a regular season record with a staggering 73 wins. Their franchise star, Steph Curry won back-to-back MVP’s and the team is loaded with other supporting stars and veteran role players to make this arguably the best team since Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls of the nineties. The success these Warriors are having are a good reward for their very faithful fan base that endured several seasons of futility.

Regression towards the mean: it would be very difficult for the Warriors to repeat the success of their 2015-2016 season but don’t expect them to fall off too drastically. The 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls who won 72 games still won 69 the following season then 62 the next. So long as the Warriors’ core stays intact and they play to their abilities they will continue to lay waste to the rest of the league.

Covering the Warriors: the Warriors may be intimidating to bet on the money line with their jacked up prices but the alternative is to play them on the point spread. This gives the Warriors at a more affordable price provided they cover the points given to them. A minus number of -13.5 for example indicates the Warriors need to win by 14 points or more. A plus number like +3.5 means the Warriors can lose by up to three points.