NBA Pacific Scores And Standings

The Pacific Division’s standings are available below along with the rest of the NBA. This widget not only tracks win-loss records but also points scored (+) and points allowed (-).


Bet On NBA Pacific Games

To get a piece of the Pacific Division’s action, you’ll have to bet the money line on various sportsbooks. The money line lets you bet on one of two teams either the favorite (with a minus symbol) or the underdog (with a plus symbol). The return for a favorite is less considering the associated risk is smaller than an underdog. A -230 price indicates a bet of $230 is required to make back $100 while a +230 price indicates the opposite: $230 is won on a $100 bet. These lines change depending on roster changes or recent trends.

Championship city: between its inception in 1970 to 2016, an NBA-record 14 championships have been won by a division team. The Lakers won 11 while the Warriors won two and the Blazers, one. The Lakers predominantly ruled the division winning half of the division titles. In recent years, they have mightily struggled while other teams like their sister team, the Clippers won their first division title in 2012 and the Warriors returned to the top for the first time in over 30 years.

One-Warrior show: since the realignment of the NBA’s divisions in 2004, the Pacific Division has primarily been a top-heavy division usually featuring no more than two elite teams. The Phoenix Suns and Lakers belonged to this category earlier but have since struggled leaving the Warriors and Clippers as the division’s elite. In 2015-2016 however, the Warriors achieved an historic season and won all but one of their division games (15-1 record; 93.75 winning percent) proving they were the lone superpower of the division.

Counting scores: given the current structure of the division, betting on winners may prove too pricy. An alternative is to play the team totals or over/unders. A number like 210.5 will be provided for instance and you bet whether you think the total combined score of both teams goes over or under 210.5. The game winner is irrelevant and the strategy becomes more on determining the game’s pace and the teams’ scoring output.